Bloom: A Photo E Course


“Cotton Candy” by Rachel Ballard. All rights reserved.

If you don’t know Rachel Ballard, she is (among other things!) a fabulous photographer. Her images are absolutely gorgeous and now she’s offering to share her expertise with you!

Recently, I had a chance to ask the lovely Rachel a few questions about her upcoming photo e course “Bloom.”  I don’t know about you, but I’m always looking for new ways to become a better photographer and Rachel’s new course has me really intrigued. The thought of actually being able to use the “manual” setting on my camera makes me giddy. And let’s face it, any time I can do something in my pajamas, well. . . sign me up!

But I’m also a bit nervous about taking a course in photography. What if I’m not good enough? What if it’s all math and I don’t do math! What if. . . So, I put my questions to Rachel and she was gracious enough answer. You’ll find she’s warm and funny, just what you want from an instructor. Read on, my friends. . . you won’t regret it!

(I know several of my Evidently readers will interested in reading about this course! So, I thought I’d give you all a head’s up. The full interview can be found on Mireio!)

The Best of Etsy — Returns Next Week


Fantastic felting from Shiba Ng Designs


The Best of Etsy is on hiatus this week, but will return next week with lots of amazing new finds and some BIG NEWS! Tune in.

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