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The Best of Etsy — A Fabulous List


Fabulous vintage from The Lovelys 

Did you all have a great holiday? We certainly did. . . the weather here was ever so enchanting. 

I’m going to cut to the chase today—because I’m chasing my tail getting ready for a birthday celebration. So, with no further words, here’s this week’s list. It’s fabulous, yes?!

The Best of Etsy — 8 July 2009 — A Fabulous List

Top Photo: Vintage Metal Tackle Box from The Lovelys.

Blue and  Green Filigree Necklace by Musettemade 

White Leaf Shift Dress by 13threads

The Hurry Scurry Man by Brian Roberston. 

Vintage Inspired Seal Collection by Amanda Suz

Kimono Shoes (PDF) by ithinksewdotcom

Love Birds Wedding Print by One Reverie

The Best of Etsy — It’s July


Irene by Redthreaded

Can you believe it’s already JULY? This change of month has brought a coastal heat-wave and we’re enjoying 70 degree weather. Can you say dresses and sandals? I can!

Anyhow, here’s this week’s list of finds. I think you’re going to love them all. I certainly do.


The Best of Etsy — 1 July 2009


Top Photo: Fabulous full apron by Redthreaded 

Ceramic Houses by Industrious Lily 

The Everyday Tote by Fray

Springirl Brooch by Springjuste

Original painting by The Night Jar

Half Aprons by Texas North

Rosemary Honey by Lilith’s Apothecary


So, tell me what you think in the comments! I’ll be back next week with more amazing Etsy finds. Until then, I want to wish a very Happy Canada Day to all my Canadian readers! 


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The Best of Etsy — Welcome to Summer


Janet Hill Studio


Welcome to Summer! It’s about time, right? I’ve been waiting for lovely balmy weather and it’s finally arrived here on the north coast of Oregon. It’s still grey out there, but it’s deceptive. Warm rains and gentle breezes have replaced the gale force winds of winter and I couldn’t be happier.

This week’s The Best of Etsy is in a slightly different format. I’m experimenting and we’ll see if it sticks. I thought with this new season it might be fun to make the list a bit more visual. So I’ve included a gallery with the links in addition to the top poster photo. If you’re looking for the usual banter that goes with each pick, you can still tune in to my twitter stream where I’m witty in 140. 


The Best of Etsy — June 24 2009 — Welcome to Summer


Two Tone Tunic by Kaylim

Summer Time by Bat Chen Designs

Sweet Pea by Joe Papendick

Sky Blue Cotton, Sand Linen Cape by  ileaiye

The Lady and Gent Set by SinglebBeautiful. 

Lavender Rose Cheek and Lip Tint by Passion Moon Potions

(Top photo) Powder Blue Heels by Janet Hill Studio


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The Best of Etsy — Oh Baby!


The seriously cute bibs available at Hazel May. 


I don’t know what it is, but lately I’ve been seeing the most adorable things for children. I mean, SERIOUS CUTE ALERT! And while I have no need of anything small— I can’t help hearting some of these stores. It all makes me wish Etsy was around 12 years ago when Boy Wonder still let me choose his clothes. Anyhow, I thought I’d share a few of these finds with you. Some of you are still parenting starter people and others of you have been given that fabulous title “Grandparent” already! The rest of you  might want to get an idea or two. Just sayin’. 


The Best of Etsy — 17 June 2009 — Oh Baby!

You’re going to love Devon Rose. This darling little tunic is just the beginning! 

Green Plow is a brand new store but I see big things in their future. I’m loving all the recycled sweaters. 

Is your child already a fashion diva. Likes her couture? You’re looking for Stella and Lucille! 

Go take a peek at Devilish Grin. I’m loving their baby shoes! 

Not out of diapers yet? You can still rock the fashion world.

I’ve fallen in love with the creations in Blinking Lights. These creature dolls are  delightful! 

Finally, check out 3 stage bibs of Hazel May. I mean, doesn’t that face say everything? 


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Coffee Break


I’m taking a coffee break, but you can find this week’s The Best of Etsy over on Indie Fixx! It’s supersized and full of amazing finds. I’ll be back when you’re done browsing!