This is so easy, it’s practically cheating.

Our new go-to bread:

I love fresh baked bread. But I’ll be honest; I’m not nearly as good at baking it as I am at eating it! It’s a lot of time invested for a product that can be so quickly demolished. As in seconds at our house. Buying an artisan loaf is no solution, either—those need to be consumed quickly or they go stale. Never being one to waste bread, I pretty much use that as an excuse to eat. Portion control goes right out the window.

So, lately I’ve been cheating. Using this idea for Parmesan Knots from Pinterest as a spring board, I’ve been making these ridiculously good (and super easy!) rolls with soup and pasta. The recipe uses canned biscuits and while I’m not a fan of much canned, Pillsbury makes a biscuit called “Simply” that isn’t loaded with weird ingredients or trans fats. While a bit pricier than its canned biscuit counterparts, it’s worth it to be able to pronounce all the words on the label. Not to mention, these actually taste good. Not like homemade biscuits by any measure, but also not like that weird processed flavor you usually get with the pop-top biscuit.

So, the method is easy. All you need is 1 Tb of olive oil and 1-2 t of your favorite seasoning salts. I use steak seasoning because we like things on the peppery side and it’s colorful and marries well with soup.

Preheat your oven to 350 degrees*. Pour your olive oil in a shallow dish and spread the seasoning salt on a separate plate. Simply roll out  each biscuit in your hands until you have a rope of 6-8″.  Lightly coat with olive oil and then dunk in the seasoning salts. I only coat one “side” of the rope because the salts I use are so peppery. Then tie your dough rope into a knot and plop them into a muffin tin. Yes, “plop” is a culinary term. You should totally use it to impress your foodie friends.

Now, bake for 14 minutes*.  Once done, they’re ready to eat and trust me, you won’t regret making these. So simple. So tasty. And at 110 calories each, easy portion control if you need it like I do. (Oh how I need portion control!)

Of course, nothing stops you from making more than one batch at a time, but that’s all on you. I had nothing to do with that!

*follow the baking instructions on your tin of biscuits.

Do you have an easy culinary “cheat I should know about? Spill it!