Back to our regularly scheduled content. . .

I’m glad y’all had a good laugh with me yesterday. My not real list of New Year’s Resolutions is providing blog fodder, at least. And the in the case of yesterday’s post, a Christmas Card photo? Heh, who am I kidding, I don’t send Christmas Cards. Aren’t you relieved.

I know I said I would stop buying unframed art until I framed the stack piling up in my studio. But. . . but. . .but surely original watercolors found at ridiculously low prices at the Goodwill shouldn’t count, right?  And how could I pass up this little thing, it had a green tag and green tags were 50% off. COME ON. . . Original Art + Deep Discount = Wende breaks her promise.

Sue me.

What tipped the scales (though, I was probably going to buy it anyhow) was that the back was inscribed with a title: Summerland Morning.  For those of you who don’t know it, Summerland is a little surfing town directly adjacent to Santa Barbara. Though we’ve not been home in 3 years, it’s never far from our thoughts. Palm trees and sunshine, these are the visions that keep us moving forward.

And Summerland is special. Like Gelson’s and Butterfly beach, it’s on our must do list whenever we make it home.  We have a favorite breakfast place there, a favorite burger joint, and we stop for coffee at the local art house cafe on our way out of town to take in the view, one last time before we journey north.

I miss home most in the winter. So, this was a little gift  from the Universe. Hey, even the Universe is a good shopper.

Original watercolor “Summerland Morning” by Sally Bailey.