Via Visual Complexity and Amira Skomorowska. Click the Visual Complexity link for the text… it’s so worth reading!


I had a fabulous blog post planned for today—and then, it disappeared, as blog posts often do. Something about sunshine makes last night’s brilliant idea seem ridiculous. It’s the blogging walk of shame.

Anyhow, my day is jam packed with moving. Moving more of my “crap” from one space to another to make way for the plaster artists (he really is amazing, this guy  doing the walls and ceiling!) to work. On today’s list is our bedroom and my walk-in closet. Both the contents of my closet and  our King sized bed will be going down a flight of stairs and into our living room for the next three days. Camping! Without the open fire. Good times.

So, busy. But I wanted to share this graphic with you before I forgot. Because it really is amazing. I think it was originally a Mercedes ad, but I thought the text was moving.  So often, an author’s bias shows when describing either the right or left brain way of thinking. But in this case, the artist graphically captures the beauty of both ways of being.

Which begs the question. . . which are you? Team Right? Team Left? Either way, you’re beautiful.