Simple, fun, and easy to make Fabric Gift Tags.

It’s a wee bit early to be chatting Christmas, but some of you will be mailing gifts soon, so I thought I’d put up the quick idea for gift tags. It’s easy and simple and doesn’t require a lot of time, but the result is pretty special!

What you will need:

1. Assorted fabrics in holiday fabric. I hoard little scraps of fabric, so this is easy for me. But if you’re in need Etsy is a great place for fabric (shown here, a stack of vintage fabric from Mireio).

2. Pinking shears. If you don’t have pinking shears, you can use plain scissors for a classic line or finger fray the edges for a more rustic look.

3. Tags. Shown are white marking tags (size 2 3/4 x 1 1/4). You can get these online or at your local craft store. I usually buy mine from the office supply store in town.

4. Glue Stick

Step One: Size up your fabric

You’ll just need a small scrap. If you’re making lots of these at one time and using yardage, it’s faster if you have smaller pieces of fabric to work with, so cut down into manageable rectangles.

Since I can’t photograph the process AND cut at the same time… there’s no photo. But cut a piece of fabric in the general size of your tag. You can eyeball it, these are handmade and don’t have to be exact!

Step Two: Cutting and Gluing

Keep cutting down until you get a size you like visually. The piece shown is just a bit too large, so I’ll keep cutting down by small amounts until I like it.  There is no “right” proportion or shape, so creative. Once you have the fabric the size you’d like, it’s time to glue to your tag. It’s easy really, just like in kindergarten! You just apply glue to one side of the fabric, carefully place on tag, and smooth it out. Um, no eating the glue. M’kay?

Step Three: Rinse, Lather, and Repeat

Make more! See. Easy. And fun.

Other ideas:

  • Grab a pen and doodle on the margins of your tag. Make boarders or send greetings.
  • Use more than one small square of fabric for a layered look.
  • Instead of fabric, why not use a bit of vintage (or recycled) wrapping paper?
  • Make tags in bigger sizes. . . or smaller, if you’re dexterous!