Day Forty-one: New Digs. These aren’t the most artistic shots, but my muse took one look at the state of our house and booked a ticket to Boca for the next month. Shameless hussy.

I’m breathing a bit better now. The new suite has one real bedroom, a living area, and another sleeping alcove. No kitchen, but with the wet bar we’ve moved in our espresso machine and Zojirushi. No more drinking yucky hotel coffee in the morning. THAT alone should improve our living conditions.

We’ll still be eating out (or take-out) for most meals, but we’re figuring out how to do that with least amount of stress. We’re not allowed to leave the dog unattended, so we’re tag teaming breakfast and then dropping Sophie off at the house while we eat dinner. She seems OK with that, happy to be back in her home.

IZ brought over his big computer so he can work. I think this might be the biggest complication for us. Since we both work from home, it means a lot of trips to the house and trying to juggle working from a distance. I’m sure we’ll figure out a rhythm eventually. In fact, IZ’s computer is set up just behind the chair I’m working in presently, and he just reached out and gave me a mini head massage. So, it’s not ALL bad. Plus, IZ and I have a beautiful king sized bed with a view of the river and bridge. Tres romantic. Not that I can think that way right now, but give me time, people.

On the down side, the damage. Oh. My.

I think I’ll put up the final list on Tuesday once the adjuster comes back out to reinspect the current scope of the work. But let’s just say, we’re very fortunate to never have had a fire!

Ok, off to dinner. I think I’ll be back tomorrow with a post on how to make a Hotel your Home.