Cream goes in your coffee. Not on your walls. I’m breaking my own rules here.

It’s called “Invitation Ivory” by Pratt and Lambert. I’m no fan. But, it’s the color of our trim, so when I decided that the dining room bay needed to be a neutral color for photographs I didn’t have a choice. Plus, I have buckets of this stuff floating around. Win win?

I don’t know. I’m not a fan of cream walls. I subscribe to the “color is better” theory when it comes to interiors. I mean, if you like softer shades and neutrals, I get it. But I think you can still accomplish that look without using straight cream. There’s pale and beautiful, and then there’s bland. Cream is for coffee and trim.

But I’ve also reached my end with product shots. Last year there was a dearth of home decor pillows in Mireio simply because I knew that I had no way of adequately photographing the product once it was made. I can’t tell you how many conversations I’ve had with IZ in the past 3 years that start, “These photographs are driving me crazy!”  Unless you photograph your work regularly, you probably don’t realize the hours some of us spend on crafting the perfect shot. It can be infuriating. In my case, living on the north coast means a lack of sun on most days. Add to that, a very non-photogenic yellow paint coating the common areas of our home and you get a grumpy Wende.

I want to dispense with the yellow entirely. But it’s a matter of time and money and IZ and I coming to some meeting of the minds on a replacement color scheme. We may need a professional mediator. He’s a visual person, so I have to show him examples of what’s floating around in my head, otherwise it’s a flat, “WHAT? Lilac? Uh, NO.” And he’s completely dismissed my idea of running with my signature blues throughout the house. So, while I scavenge through old magazines and save pennies, I still need a place  to photograph product shots when the light is dim and the dining room bay is my best bet. It’s sunny and scenic and with a fresh coat of paint, not yellow.

While color is beautiful and I think you should live in colors that work for you—my idea of wonderful probably isn’t yours. If IZ’s response to my ideas is any indication! And the golden rule of product shots is to create an environment your customer can imagine being in. I don’t care how amazing the pillow is, or your doodad, if it’s shot against a loud and obnoxious background you’re limiting your customer base to people with YOUR taste. I’m not willing to risk it.  So, I’m breaking my own rules.  Hold me closer tiny dancer! It’s freaking me out!

It’s not ideal. But I do think it’s creative. Well, as creative as cream can be. Oh, who am I kidding! I just painted walls cream. Shoot me.