He’s working. I’m working. Would you call this parallel play?

I’ve been crazy busy organizing our life here at Chez Wonder. And, as you well know, organization projects often look worse before they look better… so I’ll spare you the photos of the explosion. There’s something about spring that gets me cleaning out cupboards and organizing shelves, and this spring is no exception despite the winter-like weather.

And what’s up with that?

I’m going to leave you with a few links. Mostly of blogs that have touched me this week, but also a link to a very cool wedding invite.

First up: I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the lovely article written about me and Mireio over on Handmade Spark. Makes a girl all fuzzy!

Tara Gentile (aka Scoutie Girl)  is talking about support and results over on her blog. While I have a fabulous support system at home, I’ve certainly bumped into my fair share of people who don’t get it. I’m passing this along, in case you are struggling for support in your craft. Go get em!

For those of you who homeschool, I thought this post by Diane Keith over on the Homeschool blog was reassuring. I don’t think it translates well for those of you in the public school system, but  still worth a click if you’re schooling your child in less traditional ways.

I’m love, love,  loving Katie over at Texas North. Today she writes about hard work and children. Go tell her about your first job!

And finally… don’t you wish you were these people’s friends? Utterly cool wedding invitation. (And if the invitation is this amazing, can you imagine the wedding? I think we should crash it!)

Did you read someone or something amazing today?