An eclectic mix of wonderful!

Today’s coffee date with a friend was rescheduled… but that didn’t stop me from usual Thursday thrift run. What can I say, I’m a bit addicted, but you knew that. . . right?

While combing through the stacks at Goodwill, I had the good fortune to bump into my friend, Sarah Brown. Sarah makes these amazing wallets and tipped me off that she’s introducing Liberty of London to her line. (yay, another convert!)  Turns out, she’s also now my official “Avon Lady!” and she coming to the rescue in a very timely fashion. Lord knows, my pores are expanding faster than my waistline—and I’m fresh out of magic cleanser to combat that. So, I’m going to give Avon a try and help out a friend. See… win, win. 😀

And I”ll keep you posted on the pore treatments. Because, well, we all obsess a little too much about those, don’t we? Pores and thrifting. Yeah, it’s Thursday.