This is what I had planned for yesterday. Pretty, no? Don’t say no. Really, that’s just an invitation for you to say, “Yes!! Yummy!!”

Wow. Yesterday. I slept 12 hours and feel remarkably better. Go figure.

This pile of inspiration was the original agenda for yesterday. I love patterns that say, “Easy Two Hours” because what that usually means is that I can’t screw them up. It also means the end result can also end up looking like a sad sack–but that’s the risk you take. And it’s also why you never, ever use one of those patterns on good fabric the first time out. The red in the photo was just $2 a yard.

I’ve been on a must update my wardrobe kick for a few weeks. With no money I’ve been hitting thrift stores, attempting to be very, very selective. For the most part, I’ve succeeded in finding several sweaters and poet-like blouses that are timely and flattering and in good condition that fit! No small accomplishment, for a girl with Abe Lincoln arms.

But I’ve also been itching to sew. For me. And with March being so slow, this seemed like a perfect time to start. No, really start. Not like last summer where I bought fabric and just looked at it. I’m not sure what my problem is, that I pile up fabric for dresses and skirts and blouses, and then never actually get around to making them. Fear probably.

So, I’ll keep you posted. Especially if this dress does not turn out to be a sad sack. After yesterday’s fiasco, if I can make a dress out of $2 fabric we’re going to call that a budgeting miracle. And as much as I’d love an expensive dress, because  of course it’s better if it costs more! (that’s sarcasm, don’t leave me crazy notes in the comments) I’m pretty sure I can’t make a dress out of my CT scan films.  In fact, if it’s pretty, I might make more like it.

*and I’ve decided to start using the tagging system on these posts like Chuck Lorre uses his vanity cards. Uh, #winning.