Spoke too soon. . .

I had no idea when I quipped about the cold of snow, that snow was in the forecast. Snow is supposed to arrive on Monday, but those white flakes on the roofline in the photo mean the forecast got it wrong. The wintery mix has arrived and at least one person in my house is giddy about it. Every 5 minutes I get a weather update shouted up the stairs, “MOM! The snow is bigger.” “Mom! It’s sticking.”

I don’t think this is the storm for a winter wonderland. My guess is, lots of white stuff will come down and turn to mush upon introduction to the pavement. But it is a harbinger of the winter to come. Snow before Thanksgiving. Despite the passing thrill that white in the air brings, I quickly go into survivor mode. La Nina is never kind. I’m bracing for the worst. Someone hold my hand!

Now, none of this is a sermon. But I’m cognizant that last week’s sermon never arrived. So, I’m making up by being all wordy and pointless. (I’ll let you gather what implications there might be) I know I’ve not been as present as I’d like, but November has been filled with dental appointments and manic Mireio work. Both are subjects my family have long passed boredom over, so I thought I’d spare all of you.

However, November is also that month where we collectively pause to contemplate the blessings in our lives. And while I’ve not been  writing it, I have been thinking it: I am utterly blessed by the readers of this blog. Your presence (here, email, facebook, twitter, real life!) enriches my life in so many ways. Thank you.

I suspect I will be back before the holiday. But should I take the week off… or should you… please know that I am full of gratitude for the part you play in my life. And I am praying for you.

My Thanksgiving wish for you is that you find something, like snow outside your window, to be giddy over, something that makes you pause and be in the moment, something that reminds you just how lovely life is.

Blessings and Happy Thanksgiving,

xoxo Wende