Day Twenty-six: A simple meal. Sometimes you  just crave a bowl of pasta. And when that’s the case, I turn to IZ’s amazing (yet surprisingly simple!) tomato sauce! Recipe after the jump.

IZ’s Simple Tomato Sauce

1 box of fettuccine
1 can Organic ready cut diced tomatoes (we use S&W)

~Drain the juice from one can of tomatoes into pot of boiling water & boil pasta in this.  Do this instead of salting the water.  

~Melt 2 to 3 tablespoons of Butter /Margarine in a saucepan set on high.  Let the butter begin to bubble.  

~Add tomatoes.

~Add a pinch or two of salt.

~Saute the tomatoes on high for a minute or two.  As you saute the tomatoes, crush them.  I like using a spatula.

~Turn down the heat on the tomatoes to medium-low.

~Cook the tomatoes down while the pasta boils.

~When the pasta is ready, you can optionally add a little of the boiling water back into the tomatoes to thin out the sauce a bit if necessary.

~Top Fettuccine with sauce and garnish with your favorite parmesan cheese.

That’s it! ~~IZ