Got Cake?


Some of you have probably noticed that I started a new blog. I know. So much fanfare from this self-professed diva, you could just die, right?

I meant to write about this a long time ago. But this week? Yeah, this week has been kickin’ my old backside. And it’s a broad target, but still, OUCH!

So, here I am, at the end of yet another week. How did it get to be Friday, again? And I thought I’d take a few moments to explain myself. In a world where more and more people are blogging in 140 and Facebook status reports, I’m expanding. I’m making space and living into the extravagance of thinking you really want to read MORE of me.

Ok, I kid a little. But I am making space. Lately I’ve been feeling cramped on Evidently. Second guessing every post, wishing I could just write what I’m thinking without looking over my shoulder.

The thing is, I’ve never thought of Evidently as a vehicle to support or promote Mireio. It has always been, and remains so, a practice in seeing beauty. When asked how I keep at it year after year, the answer is as complex as it is simple, “Evidently is a spiritual discipline.” Because I know that I will need to blog, I pay attention to the beauty that is in my life. I’m going to report back to you—and I can’t come empty handed. It’s just not done in my world.

But. But I’ve felt like, since opening the store a year ago, (Hello, I turned one!!) that any post having to do with my obsession with thrifting or crafting is perceived as an ad for Mireio when it’s just me talking. I talk a lot, people. A LOT. And sometimes, too much about my little addiction to fabric.

I recently posted a status update on my facebook saying that I should be working, can I count blogging? I had just put up a post about my darling boy, not anything I would associate with my store. Several people wrote back that I could and should count it. It’s good PR, customer service, etc. And once again I’m throwing my head into the  brick wall that is reader response. Just because I don’t see Evidently as a promotional tool, doesn’t mean that it isn’t!

So, I haven’t been blogging that stuff. I’ve not been telling you about my process—Which I think of as very spiritual. Or my filthy studio — Oh, good lord, it’s such a mess, we might not want to go there. EVER.  Or any of the successes —There have been a few worth bragging about! Or my learning curve— Can you say steep, baby, steep!

No, instead I’ve been mostly mute. Feeling guilty about any product shot I use and thinking some of you  might have started a drinking game for every time I use the word “etsy”. 

On the other hand, I’ve been keenly aware that my blog is viewed by  customers. And knowing that I’ve found myself censoring on the other side. Not writing about my attempts to repair my metabolism or the stresses of being an entrepreneur’s wife or the difficult decisions I’ve made recently about my non-relationships with my family of origin. That’s all deep stuff, some of it should  be password protected, and has seemed at odds with the pretty pictures.

If I am honest, I will tell you that I am both. I am both the difficult and the pretty pictures. Both the deep and spiritual—and the girl deeply in love with shoes. And I need a space to talk about both, without feeling the reverberations of silence and confusion. Without worrying that I’m boring  long time readers or sharing too much with people just interested in what’s new on Etsy. (everybody take a drink!) I need to tell you all my truths. Just not all here.

So, Mireio. It’s like having a new apartment! In a really nice part of town. The walls are freshly painted just waiting for me to hang my  collection of art. I have so much to say about the crafting process and coming to terms with calling myself an artist. And there are so many people on Etsy (sip, sip!) I think can probably relate. You know, we can talk product shots and custom orders. And I have tutorials I’m anxious to share. And maybe, just maybe I’ll even be posting a few videos and podcasts there. Like I said, I can talk a lot about fabric.

And Evidently? Evidently will always be my home. The walls are lathe and plaster, so there are a few cracks. But those just make me love this place more. I can only hope as I cohabitate in both places that you will continue to be present. Either here or there or both. It’s all good if Mireio isn’t for you, of if Evidently gets too real. (or maudlin, boy do I have stories to tell you about mothering a 12 year old boy who has discovered girls are NICE!) I’m just making space for the truth that is within me.