The first bloom from the clematis on the new arbor.


I didn’t think the Nelly Moser would bloom this year. But one of two we planted earlier this summer did just that this morning and I’m elated with the first bloom.Of course, I dashed straight out to snap a photo—standing in dewey grass in my sandals and noticing that our promised sun has  given way to spit!  But I don’t mind so much. Everything needs water once in awhile! This one bloom is a taste of the future—when the arbor is completely covered with big pink pom-pom blooms.  A girl can dream, right?

As I ran out the door I could hear IZ admonishing, “Quick, quick, take a picture before the deer eat it!” He was kidding, but vermin abound in these parts and they typically  view my yard as their own personal salad bar. Considering the color of the sky, I’d be wise to re-spray with liquid fence.  Otherwise this rain is going to be a neon “Restaurant’s Open” sign to the neighborhood foragers. It’s either that or I need to take up bow and arrow hunting right quick! Yeah, I think I’ll stick to stinky spray gun. But note to self: Rotten egg smell is not an aphrodisiac; spray the flowers not your feet. 

I should probably make that my new mantra, eh?