chocolate cake.jpg

So, pardon the poor photo—it was taken 4 years ago before my handy dandy Nikon made the scene. Even iphoto can’t help this, but you get the point… right? It’s chocolate. Lots of chocolate.

Chocolate is good. You with me? I’ll tell you what’s not good though: waiting. Waiting is bad. Not fun. Not enjoyable. NERVE WRACKING. And, because I’m an impatient sort, down right frustrating. Waiting makes Wende annoyed!

Don’t get me wrong, I’m well aware of my diva tendencies to want it yesterday. Whatever that “it” might be. But in this particular case, I’m thinking I’m well within my rights to be frustrated. What’s got me in a dither? I’ve been waiting 10 months for my grad school diploma to arrive. 10 long months. Every day, I check the mail with baited breath. Nothing. Oh sure, there are bills. Like, bills for my school loans that are now due. But that 8.5 x 11″ dart board diploma has yet to show up. It’s not worrisome. It’s annoying. And because I’m annoyed and narcissistic write a blog, I see lots of chocolate in your future.

Chocolate? Chocolate? Did someone say chocolate?? Yep, I did! So, this is what I’m thinking—I’m going to award chocolate, lots of chocolate to the person who comes closest to predicting the day I actually receive my diploma in my hot grubby hands. All you need to do is leave your guess in the comments to participate. Once my diploma arrives, I’ll announce a winner and send off a care-package of chocolate to the clairvoyant among us. What kind of chocolate you ask?? Well, you’ll just have to wait and see.


No, I’ve not received my diploma yet (and for you skeptics in the crowd, I had contacted my school before I posted this. I’m still waiting for them to respond! They’re like this… hence the guessing game.) but I’m not nearly as hopeful as the rest of you lot! Most of you guessed really early dates and that’s so very nice of you, if misdirected! It shouldn’t surprise me that most of you are optimists… but it does make me happy for some reason. Because if I were guessing, my answer would have been “never!” Just call me “ms. glass half-empty”.

So, a big thank you to all of you who decided to play along and actually guess a date. Despite the tongue-in-cheek nature of this post, I’m kinda giddy to put together a box of chocolate for the winner. Being an inherent curmudgeon, I usually steer clear of anything that smacks of “joining”. Thus, I’m always impressed when people are willing to belly up to the bar and be social. It’s so unlike me to do this, it’s fun to realize the most of the world is actually nice and decent and not spitting in people’s coffee when they aren’t looking. (Now, hold the phone, I didn’t say I spit in people’s coffee. Much.) But I am taking notes of those who didn’t play along… and never sitting close enough for any of you to spit in my coffee.

Anyhow, I’m not going to answer individual comments on this post. Mostly, because I’m not sure how to respond to “October 7” or “September 29”. All I know is that the thought of answering stirs up this compulsion to shout back more numbers (“December 2, January 15!”) in a very odd game of numerical Marco Polo. I think we’ve established that wouldn’t be a very good idea.

I’m not closing this little contest either… feel free to add your guess if you haven’t yet. If my diploma arrives more than a month after the latest guess made, then I’ll put all your guesses in a hat and pick a winner. (contest closed!) Somebody is getting chocolate. See, my degree is good for something after all. Blessings… wen.