Of course, I procrastinated this year and left everything to the last minute. Late last night I finished my PEACE banner I’ve been working on for two weeks.


Today has been filled with cookie baking and decorating, hanging greens, decorating the tree, and wrapping presents. I have photos to document my industrious behavior—however, with the storm that blew in, the light in my house is simply pitiful. It’s a shame, really—because all the hard work has paid off. Now, all there is left to do is bake pie, which I’ll do soon and then head off to Midnight mass.


It’s been our tradition, even when Boy Wonder was small, to go to Midnight mass. Typically, I would “leave a candle burning” so that I’d have to dash back into the house just before we left. In those quick moments I would stuff the kiddo’s stocking and he would be none the wiser. Usually, he wouldn’t even notice when we got back in the wee hours of Christmas. But last year, he paid attention and he’s been plotting all year to catch Santa in the act.


He reminded me today that he intends to be the last person out and he’s making sure he locks the door behind him. Uh oh. I’m afraid my old ploy of a burning candle isn’t going to work this year. So… I decided to call in reinforcements. This afternoon I called my buddy Tom and begged him to come out and keep Santa alive just one more year. I’ve left explicit instructions on how to get the job done, including the ever-important eating of the cookies left for the Jolly one. Something tells me, Tom won’t need to be bribed into that part!


I know next year it will be over… but just this last time, I’m hoping for Santa’s arrival.

I’ve been informed that there will be no phoning in the traditional Christmas chocolate pie. So, I’d better go bake! Then it’s off to Mass while Santa sneaks into my house and delivers Christmas. I’m wishing each of you a blessed holiday. May the light of Christmas arrive in your hearts and in your lives.

Peace be with you.