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Pssst: You Like Free Art, Right?

“Adopting Mayfair was as Natural as Taking a Breath” ~~ Lisa Kaser Pssst: Over on Mireio there is a fabulous interview with the stunningly generous Lisa Kaser. You might want to go read it and enter the giveaway for...

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Bloom: A Photo E Course

“Cotton Candy” by Rachel Ballard. All rights reserved. If you don’t know Rachel Ballard, she is (among other things!) a fabulous photographer. Her images are absolutely gorgeous and now she’s offering to...

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The Best of Etsy

Keri Herer Photography. Amazing!    The Best of Etsy is currently on hiatus until 12 August 2009. But you can always visit the archive for past...

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The Best of Etsy — It’s July

Irene by Redthreaded Can you believe it’s already JULY? This change of month has brought a coastal heat-wave and we’re enjoying 70 degree weather. Can you say dresses and sandals? I can! Anyhow, here’s this...

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The Best of Etsy — Oh Baby!

The seriously cute bibs available at Hazel May.    I don’t know what it is, but lately I’ve been seeing the most adorable things for children. I mean, SERIOUS CUTE ALERT! And while I have no need of anything...

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Coffee Break

I’m taking a coffee break, but you can find this week’s The Best of Etsy over on Indie Fixx! It’s supersized and full of amazing finds. I’ll be back when you’re done...

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