In the freakish moment of sunlight we got today (freakish because this is the Oregon coast, after-all, and sunlight is sadly not our norm) I snapped a few photos of the Arigato pillow-cover set I just completed. How I’m wishing for sunlight.

They are both made from vintage Japanese tea-cloths, slightly imperfect, which gives them so much more character. Think patina! As well, they each have vintage red buttons and red twill tape as accents that set off the deep navy blue perfectly! The graphic pillow reverses to a white ground with one large navy blue graphic repeat. The floral pillow reverses to this yummy, obi like cotton in blue.


Because their size isn’t standard, I’m including a “practically pre-made” insert that you can fill with fibrefill, or buckwheat hulls, or whatever suits your fancy. Maybe lavender? All that will be left for you to do is fill with your choice and sew the top shut.

These sisters are delicate in nature—so, do expect to baby them in the laundering process: hand wash, cold water, hang to dry. But, when you’re special and unique you should expect a little tender care, right?


These will be listed in the store tonight-–but first, dinner!I’m being whisked away for a jaunt. I wonder if it will be Japanese food?

They’re in! Go see!


Hoshi closeup.jpg

Thank you for all the paint suggestions. We are getting very close to making a decision (we’ve made one, but I don’t want to jinx it!) and will probably be swathing the backside of our house in color very soon. Never fear, I’ll post pictures of our test runs. Because, it’s my life and I blog it!

Speaking of thanks, I owe a few mentions of gratitude. Some of you have been very supportive readers and have actually been my first Thrifty Goodness customers. While I’m not selling anything typically wrapped in brown paper to protect anonymity, I’m loath to post links to my customers. You know who you are, and I’d just like to say “Thank you!!”

But some of you have taken my little venture to heart and have actually mentioned it:

or linked it:

Or ran an ad for it on your blog:

And I’m not so bashful about linking you—since you started it! Thank you, from the bottom of my heart. It means a lot to begin something new and have such amazing support. So, whether you purchased or promoted or just supported: a big fat “Thanks” to your lovely selves. I’d kiss you, but that would muss my screen!

Hoshi closeup2.jpg

Speaking of Thrifty Goodness, I’ve been busy. It’s always been my intention to carry unique Vintage inspired goods along with all the fun thrifted finds. To this end, there is a plethora (ok, two at the moment, but I’m workin’, I’m workin’) of one-of-a-kind pillows just about to be stocked. Made from vintage materials and notions, I’m having so much fun creating these little wonders. The one above is fashioned from a vintage Japanese tea cloth and vintage red buttons. It has a sister pillow that I adore even more! Anyhow, these lovelies and more will be in the next store update. Which is to say, SOON!

Many, many thanks to you, dear readers. Or as my pillows might say, どうもありがとう or Domo Arigato!

(ps, if I’ve missed your linky love, let me know!! WordPress doesn’t always catch new links in a timely manner!)

Sweet with a Little Salt


Today is the best part of Thrifty Goodness: Shopping day. As I laboriously entered in data all last weekend (and again this weekend!) and went a little bug eyed in the process, I couldn’t help but reflect on the fact that what I adore is Thursday. It really is the best part of the whole deal! I spend several hours digging for treasure and chatting with the store owners. I’m on first name basis with several of them; we trade thrifty stories as I dig through bins or across the counter as they ring up my sale. Most of them work so hard to keep their spaces organized and clean—which makes my life easier. There are certain owners I know will give me a deal just because they like me… and there’s nothing better than leaving with an armful of goodies I know other people will adore. Or I hope! I have my favorites; take Sherry, who reminds me to spell her name with a y, “Like the cordial. Just as sweet.” And she is.

But not all days bring in a haul. It is inevitable that you will walk into a store and find nothing. It happens. Worse still, is when you walk into all your haunts and come up empty! Some days, you have to be satisfied with the little personal contact you get with terribly nice people. On those days, like today, I remind myself that there is more to life than just passing through, more treasure to find than the tangible goods I buy. More to give than to take, more waiting for me if I stop and pay attention.


Owl Sheet 2.jpg

WIP is a misleading phrase in these parts: as I can see no work in progress. Lately, I find I’m terribly indecisive about moving forward. My stash of thrifted materials is quickly stacking up and yet I can’t bring myself to dive in. This feels a little like writer’s block. And I know writer’s block as my relationship with that condition is on the cozy side!

I’m not sure what it is, because I’m chock full of ideas. My list of projects to start rivals the pile of fabric in my workspace. But, I just. can’t. do. it. Instead, I stare at my burgeoning collection and muse: this would make a good purse, that would make a lovely skirt, think I’ll make another cup of tea. I like my options open and it is becoming increasingly clear that my indecisive nature is borderline pathological.

Owl sheet1.jpg

In order to fight my lack of direction, I’ve determined that this darling sheet is going to become something else tomorrow. That’s a decision, right? What’s it going to become, you ask? Um… I’ll let you know just as soon as I figure that part out. As tenuous as this might be, we’re going to call this little movement progress and then keep working on it. M’kay?