Interested in how I start my day every morning??


Yes, that’s right, I start my day with a yummy mocha made by the ever wonderful, IZ. It’s nice to be spoiled. Turns out, my information guru of a husband has been ever so nice and detailed the instructions to this daily marvel over on his blog. He’s completely demystified the process without spoiling any of the allure! Check him out and leave some comment love.

Fair Warning: Just Jack’s Mochas have been known to cause dependence in some people. Please drink responsibly!

Too Much Information (Updated)

(This article was updated 2/2008. For more information please see The Embroiderer Strikes Back.)

The men in my life suffer from TMI syndrome. Ask them a simple question and the gears in their heads begin clicking away and before you know it, they’ve expounded for 20 minutes on the form and substance of white bread. You wanted to know if they would like a sandwich.

This little “tick” of theirs drives me a wee bit batty at times. While I like a good yarn and enjoy telling stories, when I ask a question, I sorta want an answer. Today. God help me if I need to purchase anything more expensive than say, a new sweater. Which, incidentally, is when the penchant for verbosity dries up completely. I say, “So, which one of these sweaters should I get?” I hear, “Um… what? Sweaters? Why are you looking at sweaters?” However, if the object of my affection has any moving parts to it, this much I know: be prepared to be inundated with facts and information. Most of which, I could care less about.

And sometimes, they put this stuff in writing. They won’t shut up. And it’s not enough to point at the thing I want and jump up and down and shout, “That one! I want that one!” Because, even that move will set them off hunting for “more information.” Should you ever wonder when enough is enough… the answer is, NEVER.

I’m not complaining, mind you. Not really. The end result is I tend to get the best there is to offer in my particular price range. No one can claim that the gifts aren’t “well thought out”! But, really… there are moments when the information gathering and expounding is just overkill, and I find myself wondering what it would be like to be deaf. And blind.

In case you were looking to buy a sewing machine and are not blessed with boys who suffer from TMI syndrome in your life… my husband has oh, so, graciously typed up his “findings” for you to peruse. His report, which I might add is exactly the kind of thing Consumer Reports likes to publish, is posted after the jump. If not… Click on the “Read More” link with this warning: I told you it was too much information!


Bernina, Viking, Pfaff, Oh My! (Updated)


Me: I’ve got nothing. I need something to blog.

IZ just looks at me.

Me: No, seriously, nothing. Say something funny.

IZ rolls his eyes and starts to leave the room.

Me: Oh, come on! Say something funny!

An hour later he sends me an email containing a fully written blog post. It’s like 3 pages long! I was totally kidding him (sorta) but since he went to so much effort, what kind of wife would I be if I didn’t publish it? He says if he keeps giving me blog fodder he should at least get his own category; I keep telling him to get his OWN blog, but does he listen? NO! So, I’ve given in and supplied a category. He isn’t wasting any time in fulfilling his threat promise. As it turns out, it’s the first in an installment of three…he promises to write the other two if there is demand for them.

Without any further introduction, a guest post from IZ. Also known as: How My Husband Totally Spilled the Beans on What He’s Giving Me for My Birthday.