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What? You Wanted to See A Photo of Vintage Lotus Bowls. Admit It.

Manufactured sunlight never looked so pretty. (Product shot I’m not using. . . because apparently on Etsy I’m not supposed to be “Artsy”. Gah!)

You’re About to Waste Ten Minutes

What I did this weekend. I think.

That big sucking sound you hear is me:

How was your weekend? Mine felt like it was in a time warp. . . like time was speeding by and I was barely moving. It just took so much longer to get things done than I expected.

So what took so long?

A tedious trip to the craft store. JoAnn’s has opened up a much larger store across the bridge. Which would make a girl think, or made this girl think, that finding fabrics to match her custom dye colors would be a breeze. It was not. I should have known better after last week’s dismal trip to match ribbon to Liberty of London fabric. Just call me delusional. I walked around and around the fabric department muttering under my breath while pushing one of those ridiculously small carts. There were 2 dozen bolts of ballerina pink fabric and no plum to be found. Why is that? After what seemed like a lifetime scouring the organza offerings, it dawned on me while standing at the cutting counter. I should have just dyed my own fabric.

I’m pretty sure at the moment time whizzed past me and I lost a few hours.

And then there was the door. I’ve decided to use the old door in our new bathroom for a backdrop, hoping the light in the space will create the kind of photographs I want. It’s strange, but the best light in the house this time of year is in our bathroom. It’s a difficult space to shoot in, I suspect I’ll be standing in our tub for most of session. I just can’t ignore that light. However, the door was left unpainted and was in pretty bad shape, so before any photographs could be taken, I had to paint.

TIME WARP. I don’t even know where Saturday went. I have a painted door. But that’s all I can give you. I think IZ and I may have walked that day, but the rest is a blur.  Does that ever happen to you? You just lose time.  . . like, now, maybe, reading this post? I’m sorry. You can’t have your 10 minutes back.

Post Script: On a completely different note. . . I’m super excited to finally be listing new slips at Mireio. The custom colors are so beautiful. . . muted and sexy and really different than anything I’ve done before. I mean, there are FEATHERS. Stay tuned.

Make A Difference

Shop Local, Handmade, and Small Businesses this Holiday Season. It makes a difference.

Shopping Local, Small Business, Handmade

It’s shameless self-promotion, but I’m proud of Mireio and I highly recommend shopping there this holiday season. Gift wrap is complimentary (free! though it will say nice things about you if you want it to!) and shipping is prompt. I’ll even ship to your intended gift target if you’re late to the shopping task! Not to mention everything is handmade by me, with love and care and from the best quality supplies I can find!

But Mireio isn’t the only option out there. And I get it if you look at my store and say, “Great work, Wende, but it’s not for me.” There are dozens, if not hundreds, of local options, small businesses, and handmade artists out there who would love your support. And it makes  a difference.

It makes a difference in your local economy. That’s pretty obvious, right? It makes a difference for small businesses, like mine, who rely on those holiday dollars to provide Christmas and clothes and food and to keep those twinkle lights on. Really, our Christmas doesn’t happen without it! And while I don’t believe that a handmade gift is better than a store bought gift (come on, ipad anyone?) I do think a handmade gift makes a difference to the receiver, even if that message is subliminal. YOU are choosing to support other artists or people in your community… that says something!

I know we all compile a gift list and it’s tempting this time of year, with all our pressing responsibilities and engagements, to blitz through that list as quickly as possibly and with the least amount of financial trauma.

Oh, I get that!

But I can’t tell you what it means to independent artists and crafters to realize that you chose THEM to supply a gift. So many of us give our hearts and souls to our little businesses. We put in long hours and a bit of ourselves into everything we make, and we hope and pray that someone will come along and see the beauty we see. So when you do, it’s a great moment. Or, for me it is. Every time. It’s a little bit of validation of what I do. See, your choice makes a difference here too.

However,  I also know that  not everyone on your list is easy to shop for. Some people want electronics and gift cards and all those things that are not local, small business, or handmade. Um, I procreated one of those, so I do get it!

Which is why I’m asking that you make a difference this year buy purchasing just one gift that meets the local, small business, or handmade criteria. JUST ONE. Oh, sure, if you want to go hog wild and do all your shopping at a craft fair… YOU GO GIRL, er GUY, er PERSON! But for the rest of us, with tricky lists and busy schedules, just one will do.

It will make a difference. To so many people. Maybe even to you.

Day Fifty-three: Aromatherapy

Day Fifty-three: Aromatherapy.

Thank goodness for Mireio. It’s been hard to be productive and get product shots (or product made!) in the middle of a distasterpiece. I’m seriously pouring candles and dyeing slips in what was my packaging station in the studio. However, when I have accomplished it, it’s been soothing. Guess it’s a good thing I make things that allow you to “breathe deeply.”

All day, I’ve been working with this new candle—the fragrance is crisp blackberry mingled with oakmoss, juniper, and bayberry. It’s heavenly and just what my frazzled nerves need. I cannot look at the kitchen (and up all the way into the rafters because there is no ceiling/floor at the moment) without feeling like I might cry. The layer of dust on EVERYTHING is starting to create that abandoned tomb esthetic. Oh, and then there’s the claims adjuster (Presently on Santa’s “Coal” list) who didn’t bother to send us the grocery reimbursement this week. OOPS, he forgot.

Really? Professional much?

Breathe, breathe.

I’m trying people, I’m trying.

Day Twenty-three: Again

Day Twenty-three: Wick testing. Again.

It feels like I’ve been here before. Oh, wait. I have. Once again, I’m switching glassware suppliers for Mireio’s candle line. Last year, I was delighted to find Couronne, because so much of their glass had such a high recycled content. Initially, I was elated with their products. But late last year some of their products were discontinued and then replaced by a cheaper version out of China. About 75% of what was sent to me was completely unusable! (Anyone want unfilled color shot votives for free? You pay shipping and I’ll send them along!) And what was useable, wasn’t as nice.  I have a really high standard for Mireio and I just can’t bring myself to sell flawed goods to people.

So, it meant going back to the beginning and finding a new glass for Mireio’s amazing candles. And that means wick testing. Again! I’m delusional enough to think that I can get this done quickly. What? It could happen.

Day Sixteen: Folding Fabric

Day Sixteen: My adorable sister-in-law brought me 3 trash bags full of vintage fabric. This is just a part of all the thrifty goodness she gave me. I see pillows in Mireio’s future!

Sun Advantage

Ah, sunshine

Taking advantage of this glorious sun to photograph the upcoming Summer Cottage Collection for Mireio. Today, I’m photographing vintage, tomorrow handmade.

I also snuck out and did some location shots for a website IZ is working on for a client. Love, love this sunshine!

Rule Breaker

Cream goes in your coffee. Not on your walls. I’m breaking my own rules here.

It’s called “Invitation Ivory” by Pratt and Lambert. I’m no fan. But, it’s the color of our trim, so when I decided that the dining room bay needed to be a neutral color for photographs I didn’t have a choice. Plus, I have buckets of this stuff floating around. Win win?

I don’t know. I’m not a fan of cream walls. I subscribe to the “color is better” theory when it comes to interiors. I mean, if you like softer shades and neutrals, I get it. But I think you can still accomplish that look without using straight cream. There’s pale and beautiful, and then there’s bland. Cream is for coffee and trim.

But I’ve also reached my end with product shots. Last year there was a dearth of home decor pillows in Mireio simply because I knew that I had no way of adequately photographing the product once it was made. I can’t tell you how many conversations I’ve had with IZ in the past 3 years that start, “These photographs are driving me crazy!”  Unless you photograph your work regularly, you probably don’t realize the hours some of us spend on crafting the perfect shot. It can be infuriating. In my case, living on the north coast means a lack of sun on most days. Add to that, a very non-photogenic yellow paint coating the common areas of our home and you get a grumpy Wende.

I want to dispense with the yellow entirely. But it’s a matter of time and money and IZ and I coming to some meeting of the minds on a replacement color scheme. We may need a professional mediator. He’s a visual person, so I have to show him examples of what’s floating around in my head, otherwise it’s a flat, “WHAT? Lilac? Uh, NO.” And he’s completely dismissed my idea of running with my signature blues throughout the house. So, while I scavenge through old magazines and save pennies, I still need a place  to photograph product shots when the light is dim and the dining room bay is my best bet. It’s sunny and scenic and with a fresh coat of paint, not yellow.

While color is beautiful and I think you should live in colors that work for you—my idea of wonderful probably isn’t yours. If IZ’s response to my ideas is any indication! And the golden rule of product shots is to create an environment your customer can imagine being in. I don’t care how amazing the pillow is, or your doodad, if it’s shot against a loud and obnoxious background you’re limiting your customer base to people with YOUR taste. I’m not willing to risk it.  So, I’m breaking my own rules.  Hold me closer tiny dancer! It’s freaking me out!

It’s not ideal. But I do think it’s creative. Well, as creative as cream can be. Oh, who am I kidding! I just painted walls cream. Shoot me.

A Visitor

Good luck visited the studio today. (we actually rescued about 10 lady bugs that found their way in. But this one was the only black one)

Lucky Find And Carly Simon


You’re getting a product shot of my newest lucky find because when I tried to get the boy to do a goofy pose with it,  he flat-out refused. Apparently, “there are limits”.  Really? Limits? Since when? You can bet I’m going to quote  that back to him when bedtime arrives tonight!

But back to this form. It’s from a downtown store that is going out of business. I’m figuring from its original state that it’s vintage. I spent most of the week patching holes, giving it a new paint job, and trying to shake the skeevy sensation that came along with finding this thing. It’s a story best left off the blog, but I think I can safely say there are just some encounters that make your skin crawl. However, the new paint seems to have done the job—and I’m thrilled to have it. In truth, I don’t see Mireio expanding to a full jewelry line. That being said, I suspect people do want to see how something hangs; so finding this vintage form locally is a lucky find. And it’s making the product shot part of my life much easier.

Not that I can get the kid to pose with it. Jewelry is more compliant. Read the rest of this entry »

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