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You’re About to Waste Ten Minutes

What I did this weekend. I think. That big sucking sound you hear is me: How was your weekend? Mine felt like it was in a time warp. . . like time was speeding by and I was barely moving. It just took so much longer to get...

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Make A Difference

Shop Local, Handmade, and Small Businesses this Holiday Season. It makes a difference. Shopping Local, Small Business, Handmade It’s shameless self-promotion, but I’m proud of Mireio and I highly recommend shopping...

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Day Fifty-three: Aromatherapy

Day Fifty-three: Aromatherapy. Thank goodness for Mireio. It’s been hard to be productive and get product shots (or product made!) in the middle of a distasterpiece. I’m seriously pouring candles and dyeing slips in...

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Day Twenty-three: Again

Day Twenty-three: Wick testing. Again. It feels like I’ve been here before. Oh, wait. I have. Once again, I’m switching glassware suppliers for Mireio’s candle line. Last year, I was delighted to find Couronne,...

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Sun Advantage

Ah, sunshine Taking advantage of this glorious sun to photograph the upcoming Summer Cottage Collection for Mireio. Today, I’m photographing vintage, tomorrow handmade. I also snuck out and did some location shots for a...

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Rule Breaker

Cream goes in your coffee. Not on your walls. I’m breaking my own rules here. It’s called “Invitation Ivory” by Pratt and Lambert. I’m no fan. But, it’s the color of our trim, so when I...

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A Visitor

Good luck visited the studio today. (we actually rescued about 10 lady bugs that found their way in. But this one was the only black...

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Lucky Find And Carly Simon

You’re getting a product shot of my newest lucky find because when I tried to get the boy to do a goofy pose with it,  he flat-out refused. Apparently, “there are limits”.  Really? Limits? Since when? You can...

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