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Grow A Pair

Overheard at my house:

I don’t know. It’s this stabby pain in my ovary. It’s relentless.
~Oh, I hate it when that happens.
You hate it when your ovaries hurt? You have those now?
~I have sympathetic ovaries. . . I grew a pair.

He thinks he’s so funny. Of course, me falling down in the kitchen laughing only encourages him.

Anger Management

Someone needs to take some Anger Management courses.

IZ and I talking over our decor scheme over coffee:

Me: “Sigh. You realize our bedroom is the only feminine spot in the house? The entire thing is just so. . . masculine.”

IZ: “That’s not true. Besides, you’re little miss modern. It’s not like you LIKE girly country things.”

Me: “What? Your argument doesn’t hold water. Just because I don’t do calico or chintz doesn’t mean I don’t like feminine things. I adore Hollywood Regency, and that’s like the ultra fem side of modern. We don’t have any chandeliers or leopard print or mirrored furniture anywhere in this house!”

IZ: “Because we can’t afford them.”

Me: “That’s not the point, really. Our house doesn’t look like a girl lives in it. Our house screams MEN live here.”

IZ: “I think our house screams compromise.”

Me: “Uh, more like it screams BUDGET!”

Me: “Actually, our house screams ‘These two idiots were completely enamored by the charm and nostalgia of buying their first home they didn’t think about what an old house costs to fix and are now too house poor to buy real furniture.'”

I think our house might have a yelling problem. What does your house scream about you?

The Fine Print

IZ’s beer of choice. . . which always makes me smile.

The Best Wedding Ever

Our niece and her new husband cutting cake. How adorable is it, that their wedding cake is actually cupcakes!

Best. Wedding. Ever.

I’m pretty sure that was said a thousand times on Saturday. But it really was perfect. The weather was hot at 4 pm (hello 90’s!), but it cooled quickly after the ceremony to “balmy.” The wedding was held outside at the bride’s parent’s home. They had a huge white tent and gorgeous round tables covered in white cloths with purple accents. Melanie carried lavender roses and hydrangeas…so romantic. The party lasted late into the night—since it was mostly family and close friends.

For me, a great wedding isn’t about decor or flowers or food—though those things help, right? It’s about intention. It was clear that the bride and the groom spent months working on their vows and planning details that would make people feel comfortable. I’ve been to so many weddings where groups of people sat at their own “lunch table” never to mingle. Where it’s clear everyone feels more than a tad awkward? I didn’t make it around to every table, but it felt like people were mingling constantly—getting to know distant cousins or catching up with old friends and I don’t think I saw any wall-flowers hanging on the edges the whole night. It really was an amazing wedding!

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I’m Calling This Piece: Get a Clue

It was Miss Peacock in the kitchen with a hammer. From my “Artists Under Stress” series.

Lucky Find And Carly Simon


You’re getting a product shot of my newest lucky find because when I tried to get the boy to do a goofy pose with it,  he flat-out refused. Apparently, “there are limits”.  Really? Limits? Since when? You can bet I’m going to quote  that back to him when bedtime arrives tonight!

But back to this form. It’s from a downtown store that is going out of business. I’m figuring from its original state that it’s vintage. I spent most of the week patching holes, giving it a new paint job, and trying to shake the skeevy sensation that came along with finding this thing. It’s a story best left off the blog, but I think I can safely say there are just some encounters that make your skin crawl. However, the new paint seems to have done the job—and I’m thrilled to have it. In truth, I don’t see Mireio expanding to a full jewelry line. That being said, I suspect people do want to see how something hangs; so finding this vintage form locally is a lucky find. And it’s making the product shot part of my life much easier.

Not that I can get the kid to pose with it. Jewelry is more compliant. Read the rest of this entry »

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