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Grow A Pair

Overheard at my house: I don’t know. It’s this stabby pain in my ovary. It’s relentless. ~Oh, I hate it when that happens. You hate it when your ovaries hurt? You have those now? ~I have sympathetic ovaries. ....

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Anger Management

Someone needs to take some Anger Management courses. IZ and I talking over our decor scheme over coffee: Me: “Sigh. You realize our bedroom is the only feminine spot in the house? The entire thing is just so. . ....

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The Best Wedding Ever

Our niece and her new husband cutting cake. How adorable is it, that their wedding cake is actually cupcakes! Best. Wedding. Ever. I’m pretty sure that was said a thousand times on Saturday. But it really was perfect. The...

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Lucky Find And Carly Simon

You’re getting a product shot of my newest lucky find because when I tried to get the boy to do a goofy pose with it,  he flat-out refused. Apparently, “there are limits”.  Really? Limits? Since when? You can...

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