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Starter Grandbabies

Are you sick of photos of my darling grand niece. Yeah, me neither!  IZ’s sister, who lives in the Philippines, was visiting PDX this weekend–so we made another trip into the city to see her. She’s headed home...

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Say Cheese

  I spent Friday “Aunting” with my chica! She’s such a ham, these days. She likes to stop and direct me to take her picture. When I pick up the camera, she flashes this very toothy grin. It makes me laugh,...

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It Speaks for Itself

So. A few years back, an email appeared in my in-box. I wearily looked at the sender and knew, “well, this won’t be good.” But I could not have imagined what was inside. To say it was the most hurtful thing...

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For These Moments

My adorable Sisters-In-Love braved the gusty winds and torrential rain to visit. Bringing with them my gorgeous niece and her baby. This was the perfect way to celebrate!  Iz and I got our baby fix. Barbara Kellie, who is just...

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Dashing off to Calculus

This morning: on the way to Calculus wearing the lovely scarf his Auntie Carly made him. I owe you a HUGE thank you, Carly. It’s coming in the mail shortly. But until then, he LOVES the scarf. You’re the best!...

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I’m Not Judging You. . . Much

Via Thought for the day… or question: “Why do we judge each other?” Especially women judging other women. I get not liking someone. I get not liking what they do, or how they do it.  When that...

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