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Category: Taming Eden

A Watercolored World

It’s pouring rain today. We’re expecting a half inch. So, think deluge. But on my way into the house from dropping Geo off at class, I spotted this bloom. The first Cecile Brunner of the year. I climbed into the...

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Let’s call this the before shot. (I’m digging out this planter so I can add pea gravel.) Deferred. I get shutting down. I’ve certainly done it enough in my lifetime. Life gets too busy, or trauma sets in. Or...

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First Bloom

The first bloom from the clematis on the new arbor.   I didn’t think the Nelly Moser would bloom this year. But one of two we planted earlier this summer did just that this morning and I’m elated with the first...

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As Promised

On Monday, I promised you photos of our yard endeavors.  I feel like this week has flown by; and while I have lots to show for it, it still seems to be moving far too quickly. I wish summer knew how to linger, don’t...

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  Fenced! I’ll be back tomorrow with words and more photos. But I thought you’d like a sneak peek of what I’ve been up to for the past few days. Channeling my inner Tom Sawyer! And let me tell you, kids these...

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Spring Fever

Spring has left us no choice. It’s been raining in sheets for two days. Our little spot of balmy (and I use that term loosely—loosely, like sliding half way down your backside jeans so the world can see you’re...

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Salvaging Hope

The sound of chainsaws woke me after a particularly difficult night of sleep. If you can call it sleep. It wasn’t early, but I was trying to catch up on what I’d lost during the night. I have plans that involve...

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Going: Going: Gone: I’m trying not to think of it as a big gaping hole in my backyard, but as  an opportunity to plant more...

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