Our Annual Camping Trip




This kid took me camping this year! We had a fabulous time–hard to believe he’s almost 18!

Geo picked out our site and even paid for our reservation! When did he get to be such a grown up? We had such a lovely time — it’s become a tradition, this mother/son camping trip. But this had to be our best trip ever. We hiked and cooked over the fire and the weather was absolutely amazing… I don’t think it dropped below 55 degrees, so it was downright balmy.

I’m still this child’s mother and our conversations still have a certain “tone.” But more and more, we’re becoming good friends. I’m so thankful for that we’re paving the road to being fast friends when he is an adult. Which, frankly, feels like it’s right around the corner!

When we came home he hauled all of our equipment down to storage and then put on a load of laundry, “Hey, anything you want me to wash for you while I’m at it?”

Yeah, right around the corner.

3 Responses to “Our Annual Camping Trip”

  • Those are the best times, when you are still the parent but have the friend/close confidante part as well. There is no one who knows us better than our children. I’ve been there a while and it’s heady.

    • wende:

      I’m looking forward to the “Your apartment is not my problem to clean” aspect of it, as well. 😀

  • IZ:

    I’m so happy you both were able to get away for a little “Mom & Geo” time… and great to know you both had fun…

    And btw, that is a great pic of Geo by the driftwood.

    He’s a super cool kid – a blessing – and you are a super cool mom.

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