Goodwill is My Anthropologie

Goodwill is My Anthropologie


The dress code was “business casual” so of course I interpreted that to mean, artsy casual…

IZ, my husband who already works ridiculous hours, was invited to be on the board of a local charity. They’re looking for good people. He’s good people. And he has mad skills they can really use, so he said yes.

In theory I championed this idea (he comes home from board meetings with wine and donuts, what’s not to love) but it did bring up a few worries. Mostly around his work hours. He’s so busy. Really folks, the man goes constantly. And with our work at church and the 4th Sunday ministry, he really doesn’t have a free moment.

But then there is that perennial worry (because I’m vain, dontcha know) — what am I going to wear? Oh yeah, did I fail to mention that this charity puts on a HUGE musical festival in the area and there are events to attend?


Oh my goodness… I love writing that.

IZ sees these events as a chance to go on romantic dates. He’s right: but it’s not without a wee bit of angst. In my case, I’ve been super lazy about buying new shoes. Living here on the edge, it’s always about shoes that can live up to the wind and the rain. Sure, it’s nice if they’re cute shoes, but really–you want shoes that will keep you protected in the weather. I have a great pair of boots that meet this description. And, they’re even cute boots; but I’ve been wearing them with jeans and sweaters. That’s hardly the attire you wear to a private concert of Schubert Lieder.

And you guessed it, I don’t have dress shoes that work with clothes you would wear to such an event.

Like I said, I’ve been lazy. Additionally, this is major role reversal stuff. Since he’s worked from home, I haven’t had to be his “wife” in public for ages. He’s spent years supporting me in all my ministry related fiascos, er, events. . . but it’s been ages since I’ve played the supportive wife role. Frankly, I’m out of practice!

So, my little dilemma begged the question: do I buy something that works with the boots? Or do I try to find a pair of shoes that will work with something in my closet? I don’t know, but the answer is always Goodwill.

I’ll cut to the chase, as this is really a post about nothing: other than I’m gloating. Hello $5 dress at Goodwill to the rescue. That looked great with my boots. (and, of course I layered a Mireio slip beneath it and tied it all together with colored tights! I’m loving THAT trend!) Girl has suitably artsy casual attire to attend an afternoon of opera and champagne.

That no bank was broken to clad my artsy self, well that’s just bonus material.

So, we went on our date on Saturday. It was lovely, lovely, lovely. For a few hours, I sat next to this man I adore, who works too hard, and we soaked in the beauty that is Schubert together.

In a week where we focus on all the things we’re thankful for: I’m thankful for Goodwill. I know, that’s crazy talk. But sometimes, Goodwill really is my Anthropologie.

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  • I want to see the whole outfit!! What a deal and I love the colors that I can see. I need boots and more clothes, or at least different ones. Goodwill might be a good option.

    • wende:

      I snapped the photo as we were walking out… I thought I got more of the dress in the photo and didn’t realize I hadn’t until it was too late in day. I’ll snap a shot next time I wear the dress.

      I live in my keen boots. They’re not as dressy as I’d like, but they don’t have heels–so I can wear them easily! I love them with dresses and skirts. But then, I’m a dress/skirt kind of girl. I’d live in a dress if I could!

      90% of my wardrobe is Goodwill these days. That’s not an exaggeration. We don’t have a ton of shopping options (and I don’t have extra cash these days) so, at least with Goodwill, I have a hope of finding something nice. I also found a BRAND new skirt and a pair of gently used (worn once, if I had to guess) Bandalino leather flats that day. It’s just such a savings–plus, I love the hunt!

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