By Then

New Porch Light. That tiny stripe matches the haint blue porch ceiling.

I took a break this weekend that turned into an even bigger blogging break. Did “not much”.  And now, I’m paying for my slothfulness. I don’t have a post here, though I’m sure I can string together enough words to disguise it. We’re just sort of treading water at the moment. The weather and the paper work on the house and my ever expanding waistline have me questioning my sanity. Remember all that sunshine we had in January? Yeah, well, we’re paying for it now in damp, grey, wet, gloomy, I could go on with the adjectives weather. My soul is water logged.

Anyhow, I stumbled upon this photo I took during January’s snow and never posted. It’s pretty, no? There’s no real point in this, other than I love that light. It’s a tiny reminder of blue skies and prettier days that are sure to come back around again. Someday.

And who knows, maybe I’ll have found a point by then?

11 Responses to “By Then”

  • That’s a very pretty light! It’s been gray and gloomy here too. πŸ™

  • I love it! It’s the pretty touches like this that really make a home special. Keep it up!

    • wende:

      I’m loving the lighting we got from School House Electric. The entryway is amazing… someday, we’ll be done with construction so I can post a photo. But, it gives me hope in this crazy trauma we call house reno. GAH

  • BTW…it’s 75 degrees here, the skies are blue, the trees are green and we’re all sitting around a barbecue celebrating the weather. Now excuse me as I duck the lightning that is surely coming my way.

  • IZ:

    You know, that photo reminds me of something you would see on PhotoTours like for Pariso Val Verde or for Bella Luna – very cool “detail” shot! πŸ˜€

  • That photograph is gorgeous and thematically appropriate. Plus, it reminds me of Design Seeds. It’s just missing the colour swatches beside it. πŸ™‚

    And I’m adopting Walter Tango Foxtrot into my linguistic repertoire.

    • wende:

      Design Seeds is so amazing. I can get lost on that. . . people are always pinning palettes and I’m constantly swooning.

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