Let’s call this the before shot. (I’m digging out this planter so I can add pea gravel.)


I get shutting down. I’ve certainly done it enough in my lifetime. Life gets too busy, or trauma sets in. Or you find yourself at an impasse, on an intractable side up against an equally unmoving mass. And it’s easier to shut down than to compromise. Put your head down, don’t think about it, move on.

It’s poor form in relationships (I’ve certainly been guilty of this far too many times. I have a brother, with a new baby, who hasn’t spoken to me in 3 years. We’re intractable.) and it’s poor form in home maintenance. A look around Chez Wonder, and it’s a wonder it’s still standing.

I think the stress of the bank last year, along with the pitiful monetary situation created the perfect climate for our utter abandonment of all things domestic. The reasoning, “We have no money anyhow,” while fiscally sound at the time, wasn’t a good long term solution. There are times when it doesn’t pay to skimp—last year was probably one of them.

The money situation isn’t better. Nor is the house. We still wait for answers and paperwork. But, entropy, by its very definition, is no homeowner’s friend. If you don’t keep up with these little chores, they become disaterpieces.

So, IZ and I have drafted a list. A list of things that must be done. I suspect part of impetus is the realization that September is encroaching. Creeping up on us, and with it comes a visit from IZ’s parents. Who have never lived in an “this old house” reality. And part of it that we can no longer ignore the unfinished. It’s screaming at us, “HEY YOU… remember us? The projects you started 4 years ago… AHEM!”

Of course, there is no way to pay for said list. But we’re not letting that stop us. A list is such a small weapon against the onslaught entropy has planned for us. Like lambs to the slaughter, you should pray for our souls. And our soles, because I have a feeling our lack of funds is going to mean being creative. And being creative always equals me on my feet with a shovel in hand.

7 Responses to “Deferred”

  • IZ:

    😉 It is our new “workout” plan. Dear Jillian would be proud.

    Something magical about a plan. Sometimes you manage to scrape what you need together to get things done… it certainly helps KNOWING what you WANT to do, right?

    RE an upcoming visit… I think of that moment in Jedi… “The Emporer’s coming HERE???!!! – we shall redouble our efforts!”

    Ticktock, right?

    Oh my goodness, IZ… I HURT. But, the planters look so much better. As does the ceiling and the lawn. Thank you so much for all your help. As for your mother, I’ve already decided that if she says ONE little thing, I’m going to politely and calmly reply, “I couldn’t agree more. And if you’d like to finance that particular renovation, we’d be more than happy to take your check.” ~W

  • TJ:

    There’s nothing like having a party or house-guests to get me to clean my house. I can really bring it when I have to–but then I wonder why I don’t bring it daily! Guess I am either lazy, tired, or lacking in motivation…I like to think it’s just that life gets in the way (three exuberant children use a lot of everything)and the continuous moving game doesn’t help. But I do love a plan with lists and whatnot, especially on pretty paper! I have learned, though, even if I can’t do what I think needs to be done (for lack of resources) just starting on what I can do builds momentum.

    Good luck with your intentions!

    Um, you have three kids. All little, at that… so I think you’re excused from any list of expectations. And if anyone arches a brow, you send them to ME. I’ll set them straight. And big hugs on the move. I haven’t done it with 3 kids, but I have done the 2 moves in 6 months bit, and it’s not fun. So, one box at a time, friend. One box at a time! xoxo Wende

  • Teri:

    A plan is a good start! I imagine you will accomplish much and be amazed at how everything ends up just the way it should! At least that will be my prayer for you! i understand how quickly stuff piles up inside and outside a home. My house is for sale after a (not healed yet) divorce. I cannot afford the upkeep much less any updates but i do imagine a day where another house will be made into a home for me and i will smile when i realize how far I have come!at least that is my honest prayer.Many blessings and I hope the visit goes well too. love, Teri


  • Our house too has been falling into disrepair…but some parts just can’t be put aside. We replaced our roof and most of the pipes in the house and oh boy, our budget took a mighty hit with those expenses. I hope it can continue to wait for the more cosmetic types of repairs that although ugly don’t affect our dry and comfortable status -ie holes in walls from previously mentioned pipe replacement.

    Good luck!

    Oh, man, do I know the roof woes. And, not exactly the fun part of home ownership, eh? Here’s hoping you stay dry and warm!! ~W

  • …been thinking about ‘our’ plan all week…pen to paper tonight, I hope.

    I’m sorry I missed you today. I’ll try you over the weekend.


  • I like Iz’s attitude about a great work out plan! Seriously, why can’t houses just maintain themselves. We’re paying for them after all. Our place needs to be painted inside and several(many) carpets need replacing. We talk ourselves out of it because of the money and the effort! A shut down?

    Ah… I suppose the reference was a bit obtuse. I was really talking about how hard it was to absorb the shock of everything last year, that we sorta shut down as homeowners. And it’s a soft allusion to the political climate at the moment. ~W

  • We had the same thing last November when my sister and brothers came out for a visit I went on freak out gotta paint every room mode!
    Now I need another “reason” to do anything serious around here! And I like old houses, the floors will never be perfect, and the house will never stand straight, but at least it’s still here!

    Yeah, and considering the wind our homes endure, that’s saying something, Sarah! ~W

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