As Promised


On Monday, I promised you photos of our yard endeavors.  I feel like this week has flown by; and while I have lots to show for it, it still seems to be moving far too quickly. I wish summer knew how to linger, don’t you? 

Anyhow, here are a few snap shots. It’s all so new, I’m still getting used to the changes. But I wanted to document the starting stages. Something to remember the beginning by, something to slow down the pace. Already my brand new lawn needs a good mowing and  I am discovering that lawns grow too fast. Much like small children. 

Whoever coined summer “lazy” didn’t have a lawn, or a child. 

8 Responses to “As Promised”

  • IZ:

    Pretty, pretty! I can’t believe we got as much done as we did!

    Hey, even angry neighbor likes it. 😀 Good job you. And good job letting the boy help! ~W

  • It’s beautiful! Enjoy!!!


    Thank you! We are. We’ve been having our morning coffee on the porch each day–taking in the view! ~W

  • It really does look so fabulous! Well done!

    Thank you! It’s a start. I can’t wait for everything to grow in. Now, on to phase 2! ~W

  • There’s just something so perfect about a fence in front of your home, isn’t there? I have some “weird” metal fences…with some sort of odd design, that look almost deco to me…which is a little strange for a Craftsman style home. I have wanted to put up a little fence, but the way the yard is shaped, it would be a bit challenging…so I have decided that I will enjoy yours instead!

    That’s funny. This house is so craftsman/farmhouse any other style fence wouldn’t work. I’m not a big fan of picket fences, but you have to use what works for your space. And I think the paint color gives it a bit of an “edge”. Or, that’s what I’m telling myself. 😀 ~W

  • Wonderful! It’s impossible to be lazy with a house and a yard, unless we want to let it all go to rack and ruin. It’s been so dry that we’re watering plants madly around here. (at least my husband is–he’s the one who wanted to plant that many!)

    Oh, you underestimate my ability to slack, Margaret. *grin* ~W

  • OMG, is that really a water view right next to your house?? I mean, yes, the garden is lovely, beautiful even, but you can see water?

    Yes! I have views of the Columbia River from the front of the house. And views of the Lewis and Clark River Basin and Saddle Mountain on the South side of the house. It’s why we fell in love with this house–there are views from nearly every window. 😀 ~W

  • Your home and yard are beautiful! I especially like the color you’ve chosen for your fence and gate.

    Thank you! I’m getting used to it. I’m glad we didn’t go white in this climate–too much rain, too dirty too quickly. ~W

  • I just love it–absolutely gorgeous! It’s nice seeing all of the different views. Your kiddo is a good example of how fast kids grow! He’s really getting big.

    He is, isn’t he? It’s frightening on so many fronts! ~W

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