How to Eat an Elephant

The beginning of the new Summer line for Mireio


I’ve also been busy digging a new walkway to the backyard. However, mud is not as pretty as Mireio. I’m working in two hour shifts. Two hours in my studio, two hours in the yard slinging mud, two hours cleaning this pit of a house before I’m shangheid into some dirty house reality show. Stop for coffee to admire my hard work and whine about my 80 year old connective tissue. Two hours later, ahem.

You know, it’s all in a day’s work. 

8 Responses to “How to Eat an Elephant”

  • Chica, your Mireio link is broken. Take your next shift to fix 🙂 This is the type of thing that lets me know you’re ready for some ice cream. Or a beer… I’m with ya, sista!

    Oh, thank you, thank you! I misspelled my own name in the link. OY. I usually check my links, but not tonight. I’m so tired… Of to bed to sleep for several shifts of two. 😀 ~W

  • lovin’ it
    the garden, the studio, all of it

    as for eating elephants… I would suggest something red with which to wash it down

    Red? Really? I don’t know, I guess Elephant seems like a white meat. Hee. ~W

  • I admire your drive. Just keep imagining how gorgeous your garden will work. 🙂

    I keep thinking, “I’m a week from being done.” Not that you’re ever really done, right? ~W

  • I LOVE the idea of 2 hour shifts!! I think I shall have to implement that here at Foolsewoode…even if I refuse to water my “lawn” this year…I’m thinking it’s such a waste of money in AZ to try to grow grass!! (I am typing up an epic email for you as well…I’ll have to add that into the 2 hour rotation, no?)

    Yes, yes, yes! I want epic email. I LOVE email. 😀 And yeah, the 2 hour thing keeps me motivated. It also keeps me from getting completely consumed by a project. 😀 ~W

  • It sounds hard, but full of accomplishment on many fronts. That would make me feel happy. (but sore!!)

    I am sore! But from sitting in the chairs in my studio space to sew/blog. The yard work feels fabulous in comparison! ~W

  • Treva:

    What beautiful progress! Keep up the good work!

    Yes, yes. Must not stall out, now! Thanks. 😀 ~Wen

  • oo, la-la! Nice fabric for summer! I love that arbor Iz built, too…

    It’s a good thing I don’t have a hammock—or all these pillows would be mine, mine, mine. I’m in love with all the soft summer color. 😀 ~W

  • Love love love that beautiful fabric! And admire the motivation…

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