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One of my favorite stores on Etsy: Monkeys Always Look. Featuring potted plants in the most amazing vintage containers! 


It’s Earth Day and I’m absolutely excited about this week’s The Best of Etsy List.  As most of you have probably noticed, I have a soft-spot  for repurposed items and eco-friendly goods. So, it’s lovely to put together a list in honor of Earth Day with just such a focus. I hope you’ll find some new favorites and perhaps some new ways to treat our beloved planet better! 


The  Best of Etsy: 22 April 2009 — The Earth Day List

First up, I had the hardest time choosing what to feature from Andrew’s Reclaimed. When you click on the store you’ll understand why. I suspect there is an arbor in my garden’s future–but you should really see these bee houses! 

Mother Earth should not suffer for your clothes being clean! But hygiene is a good thing. Now you can both be happy! 

Speaking of laundry duty, shouldn’t your clothes come out smelling fresh and clean and guilt free! 

Don’t have space to plant a garden? How about a DIY terrarium? Bet you have room for that! 

Engraved invitations are so last century. This century’s invitation is eco chic! 

Paper or plastic? How about cotton! Jen Hintz makes fabulous bags (and Mother Earth approved!) for your groceries or laundry. 

And finally, even your home  decor can make a difference. Why not plant something green in something repurposed? 


That wraps up this week’s list. Why not tell me your favorite eco-friendly tip in the comments. I’d love to know what your best advice is to those of us trying to make a difference?  Once you’ve done that, get out there and enjoy this day! 


Photo used with permission. All rights reserved. 



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