Since September

It’s been since September since we’ve been able to throw open windows and sleep in fresh air. It won’t last long, this much I know. Rain is always on the horizon. But for the moment, I’m enjoying open windows and fresh air and the smell of a room baked in sunlight.

I thought I’d take a few moments this afternoon to give you a peek into our “progress.”  I’ve been finishing the decor details this spring while I wait for the weather to warm up enough to tackle the tedious work of painting the trim. It’s slow work because I’m only adding things as I find them. We did invest in a few vintage Japanese side tables for the space. However, other than a new mattress and duvet cover, everything else is vintage or thrifted or used in some fashion. And finding those items doesn’t happen quickly.


We started redoing our bedroom 2 summers ago and after that initial rush, we seemed to stall out. We ran out of good weather to finish the paint job–then vacations came. Followed by hurricane force winds that meant a new roof. Before we knew it a year had passed and then commitments the following summer kept our attentions elsewhere. It seems to be the way we function here at Chez Wonder; everything is a work in progress. Old houses are fantastic for their intrinsic details. Until you have to paint those details. Is it any wonder that we find other things to keep us occupied?  


However, I am determined to “finish” this space (is any space really ever done?) before the 2 year mark. I constantly form new methods to manage the madness.

“IZ, if we just painted one side of the room a day, we could knock this thing out in an a week.”

“IZ, you know, maybe when it warms up enough to paint, we should just set aside a few hours each afternoon. Start at say, 4 pm and paint until 5. Whatever we get done, we get done.”

“IZ, I’m convinced if we just start somewhere and do it little pieces at a time we’ll keep going. Momentum and all. That could work, right?”


I suspect IZ is tired of hearing sentences start with his name. It’s typically a good clue that I have plans which involve work for him. His response to this nagging persistence is to “Um hum” me. But trust me, dear friends, that only fuels my fire. He figures, if he’s noncommittal about it, that technically he hasn’t agreed to doing anything.  Ever the optimist, he’s hoping I’ll get distracted and forget.  You’d think he’d know, after living with me for all these many years, that’s it’s only a matter of time.

Note on paint: Per Keri’s request.  Pratt and Lambert: Apothecary Shop Blue Medium Light for the bed. The walls are Galt Dining Room Blue, but backed out at least 50%. (lighter). They are part of the Williamsburg collection. ~W

Note on linens: Per Tricia’s request. Duvet (‘Chinoiserie’ Pottery Barn 2007), Quilt (‘Porcelain Blue’ Pottery Barn 2005) Floral Muslin Pillowcases (Vintage), Crochet Lace edged cotton sheet (Vintage), Sea Green Sham (Thrifted) 

13 Responses to “Since September”

  • IZ:

    Wow, you do GREAT work. Thank you for making our home… a home!


    Ha! You’re still “um humming” me. No comment, eh? Heh. ~W

  • Absolutely love your color choices! I had my bedroom a similar shade in my old house. Adore your headboard & vintage insulators! And I totally have that exact same dresser!!! We have nightstands from the same set, but I think they attached to another piece probably a vanity! Make great nightstands however!

    That’s funny about the dresser. Actually, if I replace one piece it would be that one. It’s pretty beat up and I’d love to have a chair in that corner. But alas, I need the storage. Thanks so much for your comment. I love it when Twitter people stop by and say “hi”! ~Wende

  • Keri:

    You know, when you post photos like this, you MUST provide paint colors. 🙂 This is what I am looking for. Paint colors! Immediately. Just the blue is fine. But I do like the combo. PLEASE??? I really like that quilt at the foot of the bed, too. I’m starting to itch to finish our room.

    Done! I amended the post with the colors. I had to go hunting in my archives, tho–because after nearly 2 years do you think I can recall the names. . . uh. . . no. ~W

  • I love the bedding. Share the details?

    Done! 😀 ~W

  • Thank you! The whole room is so lovely and inviting.

    You’re so welcome. You know, I started to put a list of my resources and then figured no one would want it. So, I’m happy to provide what little I can. 😀 ~W

  • Wow. So gorgeous. All the little touches really compliment one another and contribute beautifully to the whole theme. Well done!

    Thank you! It’s almost done. Ok, it’s almost to a point where I’ll quit. 😀 ~W

  • It’s gorgeous, Wende! Really, really gorgeous.

    So, I promised you photos and I’ve finally delivered. Hee. ~W

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  • I love it! And, I just KNEW that duvet was Pottery Barn…so is mine, and it’s about the same color blue (I scored mine with 2 shams and a matching shower curtain cheap at the thrift!!) I always put it on the first day of spring…and it just cheers the house right up!

    We used to have the duvet you have now—I loved it! But when we moved to a King sized bed, I needed new linens. ~W

  • A beautiful room to go to sleep in and equally beautifully by morning light! Very very nice. Took down the paint info.

    It’s a hard color to photograph–but I love living in it! I’d bathe the whole house in this color if I could convince IZ to repaint. But he’s not budging. 😀 ~W

  • What a beautiful combo of colors and furniture. I love it!

    Thank you!! ~W

  • Cap:

    Your room is gorgeous – I love the colors. It’s very tranquil.

    It is soothing. 😀 ~W

  • Love, love, love the blue. And the dresser and the pieces on top are just fabulous.

    Thank you! Now, I just have to paint trim work. OY! ~W

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