Don’t Tell

Boy Wonder: “I like that movie.”

Me: “Seriously? You like ‘The Sound of Music’?”

Boy Wonder: “Yeah. Why? You don’t?”

Me: “Meh. You are so not my child. You are your father’s child.”

Boy Wonder: “I like some of the things you like . . . such as trouble.”

(He gets that smart-mouth from me, too. Shhhh)

12 Responses to “Don’t Tell”

  • IZ:

    Oh yeah… 100% you on that front. It is adorable when it isn’t pointed toward me… 😉

    On this front, you are outnumbered. 😀 ~W

  • Seriously, you *don’t* like The Sound of Music? 🙂 🙂 🙂

    No, I can’t stand it. ~W

  • Well, I like the Sound of Music too! (so there) You are just a “troublemaker.” hee hee

    Yeah, that’s me… Little Miss Trouble. 😀 ~W

  • When I was a hall director at OSU, my staff and Leonard and I used to go to bars and take turns singing every song from the SoM that we could remember. It was so funny that even now we both laugh about it. Sometimes other people in the bar would sing along. Hehehehehe

    Yeah, the key word in that paragraph is BAR. Ahem, I rest my case. *snicker* ~W

  • I don’t like Sound of Music either. 🙂

    Stay close, Rachel. We appear to be surrounded. 😀 ~W

  • keri:

    That boy child of yours is precious. I like him. And that’s huge. (because typically boy children just make me itchy and more than a little bit irritated. :o/)

    He’s a lot of fun! I never saw myself as a mother of boys. I figured we’d have a household of girls. But now, I can’t imagine that. I’ve fully adapted to being a mom of a boy, so much so, that relating to girls can be difficult. 😀 ~W

  • “A captain with seven children;
    What’s so fearsome about that?”

    Maria had three more children after she married her captain and wrote a wonderful autobiography and recorder book that certain homeschooled children I know appreciate much more than the movie.

    See, why doesn’t this shock me?? 😀 ~W

  • Now see. I had no idea Maria had three more children after she went over the mountain. I read this the other day and laughed, remembering last summer when the whole dang city of Chicago went to Movies in the Park. They played Sound of Music and, swear it, thousands (really) of people sang along to every song. There were men dressed up in liederhosen, the whole shebang. Boy Wonder and Iz would have flipped.

    *head desk* I went to Seminary with a bunch of fans. I didn’t like the movie before. Now, I simply can’t tolerate it. ~W

  • pam:

    I was an extra in a stage production of “Sound of Music”. To be specific, I was a nun -and- a party guest. At some point in the first act, we nuns would scamper to the dressing room and do a quick-change into low-cut satin dresses and too-small pumps. And, as you can probably guess, (yes) underneath our wimples, we had curlers in our hair.

    That image makes me smile. Still don’t like the movie. But the, I don’t like The Wizard of OZ either. 😀 ~W

  • I LOVE Sound of Music. My son could care less. Perhaps we should trade for an evening.

    Perhaps! ~W

  • LOL – too cute! Thanks for the comment about my pooch. She’s my little sweetie!

    Love your shop. The photos are amazing — so professional. It’s so calming and peaceful. Makes me want to be there — where ever it is!

    Thanks, Theresa! ~W

  • cute. i see myself having the exact conversation with my daughter in about 2 years…

    Ah yes… it happens pretty quickly! ~W

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