It Still Holds


This lovely man and I are about to celebrate 24 years of marriage in just a short month. And I’ve been reminiscing with him on our long walks this week–it’s amazing to see how far we’ve come.

Just today, in one of those random moments of serendipity, we ran into the inn keepers of one of our favorite Bed and Breakfast places on Whidbey Island while walking along the Riverfront. We had been guests in their home 20 years ago, in the very early days of our  marriage.  They were on a cruise excursion and we all stood around being amazed at how small our world truly is. I couldn’t help but think about all the anniversaries we spent at their place — who we were in those days. Who we are now.


Today,  I would probably rewrite the first line of the post below (which originally ran on Evidently in 2006!!) but the rest still holds. It’s still the most fitting description of our marriage that I can find.  So, as we approach the month mark: with the realization that I’ll probably have much more to say on marriage and love in the coming weeks — I thought I’d share this with you.


This, and the nutty photo of my adorable husband mocking me for taking our photo on our date night. Never let it be said I don’t keep it real.



Worth the Endeavor



Last night, our son was inducted into Phi Theta Kappa — an honor society for scholarship. We’re utterly proud of him, of course. Part of the ritual is to give each inductee a white rose — the symbol of purity. His is now gracing our home and it makes me smile.

It’s hard not to love a society that uses flowers as a symbol of success and aspiration. PTK’s call to wisdom, aspiration, and purity seems almost old fashioned in this world of text messaging and tabloid media.

Such lofty goals to aspire to: such worthy goals to achieve. Watching my son, oblivious to his parents in the audience, say his pledge and receive his rose surrounded by his peers– reminds me how important it is to have these sorts of aspirations.  No matter what it is we do, reaching for something beyond ourselves while in the company of others with the same goals is important.

We need all need community.  Finding a community that can sing your song, dream your dream, well–that’s the hard part.

And it’s worth the endeavor.

Walking With My Sweetheart At Sunset

imageWent for a walk tonight in this lovely weather with my sweetheart. Just as the sun was setting. 


My sweet neighbor’s house. 

imageRoo wasn’t too sure about having his photo taken. 

imageStopped by Nadine’s garden to see her progress! She’s amazing. 


imageThis is Pip. She’s Nadine’s cat and a neighborhood favorite. She’s part Maine Coon, so she’ll talk to you.

image The pretty little bungalow down the street is for sale. 


imageAnd home again.