The one thing about living on the coast is that there isn’t an Apple store anywhere near–which means, I get to drive my dead laptop to Portland, only to be told I can come back in a week to pick it up. Everything is headed to surgery this week, it seems. Anyhow, I will check in as often as I can, but it looks like I’m being compelled to take a hiatus. Joy.


I didn’t mean for it to happen. Ok, well, I did a little. However, despite my intentions there seems to be some form of Kismet in play. Sometimes the Universe steps in an unites souls that were destined for each other. And when it does, who should question such serendipity?

I never thought I’d fall in love so quickly, especially without ever having met…but you know, the Internet is weird like that. And you can just tell. Can’t you? When a good soul is staring back at you, no matter the distance?

And can’t you just tell when it was meant to be? Then, when you think it might not happen, the Universe steps in again and paves a road so silken you can’t help but remove your shoes and run barefoot–soaking up all the glorious details into your soles.

If I’d hadn’t emailed when I did. But I did.

If I hadn’t looked when I did. Yet I did.

Stolen. My heart is. Not my own, but was it ever?


Do I Know You?

There is much to say, but–alas, little time to say it. Updates soon. Until then, may I point out the obvious* by saying I’ve joined the cult of WordPress? You may leave comments at the top of the post on the link beside the date.

**If it isn’t obvious, then check your meds.

The Devil Made Me Do It, pt. 2

you loaded Evidently last Saturday, you would have noticed a very
different look to the site. Instead of flowers and beetles, you
would have been greeted by the
Lovely Keanu Reeves and the cast of the Matrix. That’s right, I
got hacked. By none other than Net-Devil himself. I say that like I
know who this idiot is–but I don’t. And
he is probably a they–known
only to the likes of the Geek half of the cast of Beauty and
the Geek. Let’s face it–they are gods (or demi-gods, or in this
case, anti-gods) in their own minds and no where else.
Unless. Unless they happen to choose your little site as a
target. Then your ears perk up and you pay some attention to
their stupidity. You have no choice–they have locked you out
of admin site by loading malicious code onto your platform.
If that was not enough to offend your sensitive ears, your site now
loads poor quality Arabic music on a perpetual loop all with a Matrix
calling card.

Note to Net Devil: Could you be any more creative? The Matrix is the best you can do? You don’t really think that Keanu is who I see when I think of you? Or that you even resemble the guy? Or that I think of you at all? Face it–you have no life other than hacking mostly unread blog sites. Tell the guys at McDonald’s I said Hi! Oh, and your mom too!

Now, something you should know about me, if you
don’t already. I hate the Matrix. Really. Hate. The
Matrix. More than I detest Star Wars episode 1. So, when
Net.Devil came calling last weekend I near enough lost it. I
discovered my new look about six minutes before Pam emailed me to ask, “Is it just me, or have you been hacked?” Much
jumping and shouting and general poor behaviour on my part ensued.

Since then, I’ve been compelled to update to a more secure
platform. An update that is full of glitches. Linking went
down. RSS feeds went down. For awhile IE wouldn’t load the
page. And on top of all this, my computer keyboard decides
NOW would be a good time to be productive! Why type
one letter “a” when two or three or four looks oh so much better?
You use the letter “a” only slightly less than the letter “e” which
meaant I haad aaa lot of extraa “a”s to eraaase. See what I
Fun fun fun. Is it any wonder I took all of this as a sign from
up above? Quit Now.

Or in this case… down below. Well, the devil can make me upgrade, but he can’t make me quit. Yet. Dear Pam
wrote lovely words and I stopped feeling so
sorry for myself. It’s not like jumping out my window would do
any real damage anyhow–it would just be more drama. A pointless
trip to the emergency room. A probable standing appointment with a
shrink, a HUGE medical bill… you know, the drill. Poor IZ has
enough to deal with without me adding any more theatrics. He was able
to remove the offending Matrix calling card within an hour however,
he spent the better part of his weekend
and all his free time this week sorting out the aftermath.

And my
keyboard that types extra “a”s? Well, I’ve discovered if I really
concentrate and will it to only type ONE–it works half the time.
I’m doing a lot of backspacing these days.

In the next instalment of “The Devil Made Me Do It” (TDMMDI for short) I will address this virus going about the Internets called memes. That is to say, I’ve been tagged by the glorious Ms. HG. to talk about my “weird habits.” This whole thing is proving difficult for me as I do not have weird habits. Me? Ha! I’m perfect. 🙂 Stay tuned.

The Devil Made Me Do It, pt.1

great deal has happened in the last 72 hours. I will eventually
get to it all. But in the mean time you should know that this is
National De-Lurking Week according to Sheryl. I’d link you to
Sheryl, but my linking ability with the WYSIWYG editor is on the
fritz. Why? Well, that would require me explaining the last
72 hours. Let’s just say it has to do with the Devil and the Matrix and Terrorism and The Beancounter, Pam talking me off a ledge.
I’d link Pam, but again, I can’t. And that’s all I’m going to say on the topic for the moment.

I’m going to alert you to the button on the left and point out that it,
unlike the words Sheryl and Pam above, IS LINKED. And it will
take you to Darling Sheryl’s site that tells you all about de-lurking
and the health benefits associated with it.

Should you
choose to join the movement you will notice (or not…) that the
comment option on this page has changed slightly. You now have an option to
put your name into the name box where the word guest stands in as a proxy. If you don’t put your name in, your comment will be logged in as said guest. I wanted the proxy name to be asshole— but IZ
is of the opinion that you might not take kindly to be called
asshole. He might have a point–as it probably wouldn’t engender
loyalty or prompt you to comment. And, being that it is National
De-Lurking Week, encouraging you comment comes at a hefty cost.

certainly hope you will avail yourself of this opportunity to de-lurk
and actually comment for once. For starters, you can try begging
for information about the past 72 hours. You never know, that and
enough wine I might just relent and tell all. Or you can tell me
that I’m mean and grumpy and hormonal and need help. Or you can
be obtuse and philosophical. Or leave touchy-feely crap about your life
write about your feelings. I promise not to mock you. Too
much. Whatever–this is your moment to shine. Wow me with
your brilliance.

UPDATE: IZ fixed the linking!