The Best of Etsy — Pulchritudinous


The Amazing Ms. Amy from Inspiration Board. Be prepared to swoon! 


Happy June, everyone! There is just something about this month. Perhaps it’s the association with weddings, but the month of June conjures up soft blushing light and beautiful flowers. Everything seems to glow, the air seems lighter, sweeter.  The summer is just about to dawn, a long awaited glow after months of rain. Anything, and maybe everything, is still possible. Here are just a few things June. It’s all so pulchritudinous. Don’t you think?


The  Best of Etsy– 3 May 2009– The Pulchritudinous List


Mirror, mirror on the wall. Oh yea, you’re beautiful. 

Rock Pony-tail season. And at these prices, scoop up a few! 

It’s June. Go ahead and blush a little. And while you’re at it, blush a bit more. 

Strawberry Ice Cream has never looked so hug-able. Or fat free! 

I can’t pick just one. But start here. Stunning! 

And don’t miss Ms. Amy’s new store Inspiration Board. Her photos are luscious. And they come in note cards too!


Photo used with permission. All rights reserved. Be original! 

The Best of Etsy — Hey Daddy-O


A fabulous original by A Cagey Bee. There are also prints!! 


We’re shopping EARLY for Dad’s Day! We’ve learned our lesson and we’ll admit, we’re shooting for “favorite kid” status this year. That darn Emily  may be first born, but she won’t be on top for long, oh no! We’re buying something handmade and groovy—just like Dad. Because, our dad is pretty darn cool and he deserves it! 


The  Best of Etsy — 27 May 2009 — Hey Daddy-O!

Dad likes to play with fire. Encourage him!

Give Dad these and he’ll stop stealing your mom’s salad tongs!

Indulge his inner child. Oh come on, even YOU want a robot! 

WARNING! This might induce plumber’s crack! 

Every cowboy needs a skillet. Especially your dad! 

Beer. And more Beer. Did we mention, Beer? 

And don’t forget to check out A Cagey Bee! There are prints available of this fabulous painting! 


Awesome list for your  fabulous dad, right?  Take THAT, Emily! 


Photo used with permission. All rights reserved. 

The Best of Etsy — Just a Few of My Favorite Things


The fabulous work of Naoko Stoop.



The Best of Etsy —20 May 2009

Ninon’s dog, Gazpacho makes me deliriously happy. 

What stylish laptops are wearing this spring. 

There is nothing “semi-fantastic” about him. He’s simply smashing! 

I’ve been waiting for the Mu-Mu to come back into style–but I never expected it to look THIS GOOD! 

Looking to spruce up your space? Try a new lamp shade. I’m digging all the vintage flair! 

You can never have enough shoes. Or storage space. Especially if you keep buying new shoes! 

Finally, you owe it to yourself to take a peek at Naokosstoop. The watercolor prints are so lovely. (and affordable!)


Tell me what you think! Next week: Father’s Day ideas.


Image used with permission. All rights reserved. 

The Best of Etsy — Enchanted

My favorite piece from the amazing Julie of Puffluna. 


The Best of Etsy — 13 May 2009 — The Enchanted List

I love just about everything in Bullfinch and Barbury—but this Luna Moth has to be the most divine piece in the store! I think it would make the most beautiful addition to a wedding dress. 

Everything about Sweet Anthem appeals to me! The photographs and packaging are stunning. I’m anxious to give this fragrance a try! 

I’m not the only one enchanted by these necklaces from Babette. They are flying out the door!

This Chocolate Tea comes in the sweetest tin–perfect for gift giving. And did I mention chocolate?  

Sweet! The onesie is pretty darn cute too! 

I can’t stop looking at this quilt. The color and texture is amazing. 

Flying Bird Botanicals is one of those stores you just want to linger in—everything looks so soothing. I’m a huge fan of Rose Water and this looks ever so lovely!


So, just a few things I find completely enchanting this week. What enchants you?

The Best of Etsy: Sugar Sugar

Just one of the amazing creations of Have It Sweet Confections


I will confess, I honestly thought Mother’s Day was the 20th this year. Why I thought it would be on a Wednesday is a mystery. I’m chalking this up to my sugar-free diet and not my slipping grasp on reality. Ahem. Swimsuit season is the devil—it makes you forget things and utter profanities, like “diet” and “sugar-free” and “No, no dessert for me!” 

Anyhow, Mother’s Day is this weekend and all you last minute people. . .  yeah, it’s probably too late to buy online. Unless, of course, you don’t mind perpetuating your reputation of always being late. I suggest flowers and a nice card and making sure you comb your hair for the occasion. I also suggest leaving yourself a couple hundred post-it notes for next year. If the road to hell is paved with good intention, then surely, the road to heaven is paved with post-it note reminders. 

In the meantime, my little brain leak means I won’t be posting a “last minute” gift guide today. Oops. Never fear, though—I’ve got the goods, all inspired by my raging sweet tooth. Why did I go on a diet again? Oh yea, swimsuit season.


The Best of Etsy — 6 May 2009 — The “I’ll Take Mine Sweet” List


Sweet tooth? I won’t tell if you hide these in your private stash and refuse to share. They’re THAT good! 

I know you say you don’t like pink. Unless, you’re Liza Lee. But face it–there’s this secret girly side you hide oh so well. And it craves this. 

Ok, so you said no to dessert tonight and every night for the past week. You deserve a reward. One you won’t eat, but just as sweet! 

I know you’re hungry. . . but I’m pretty sure you shouldn’t eat this. No matter how delicious it smells.

Ooh, ooh. Yet another fabulous find from Sweet Tooth Vintage! 

Rachel Ballard’s photography is like walking through a candy shop.  

And finally, a bit of whimsy. A bit of sugar you won’t be tempted to eat! 


That’s this week’s list. I’ll be back on Twitter next week with lots amazing new finds. Until, I hope you find something ever so sweet! 

The Best of Etsy — The Rockstar Mother’s Day List

Gorgeous and Handspun by Three Ravens


There are those of you who do your shopping early and those of you who wait until the last minute. . . this list is for all you first born over-acheivers. Yeah, you know who you are! Always ready to go a month in advance! You’ve turned the slogan “be prepared” into an art form.  It’s a gift. And in honor of your brilliance I’ve pulled together a gloat-worthy list for Mother’s Day full of gifts your mom will love.  She’ll be elated and you’ll be a rockstar! (and your siblings will take note!)


The Best of Etsy — 29 April 2009 — The Rockstar Mother’s Day List


Need a small treasure that will tell her she’s loved? These sweet earrings are perfection—Just like mom!

Your mom is a knitting maven—give her something worthy of her talent! Silk, merino, bamboo, oooh! 

She’s a whiz with soil, fertilizer, and a garden shovel. A gift any gardener would adore!! 

If you and your siblings are her WORLD, then this necklace is the perfect gift. A new spin on a classic piece! 

Oh, go head, indulge her favorite passion. . .  shopping! I won’t tell. Just be sure that if you buy this gorgeous bag you actually give it to mom. No fair keeping it for yourself! Seriously. I mean it! 

Why not pamper mom with something just as lovely as she is?  Or let her choose her own fragrance.  

Finally, a bit of whimsy. Make a personalized banner with these adorable alphabet cards. Spell out her name or tell mom you love her.


Go get your mom something as wonderful as she is—handmade and lovely. And don’t worry, all you last minute people, I have you covered too. . . LATER!


Photos used with permission. All rights reserved.