Day Twenty-One: New Frontiers

Day Twenty-one: The Horror. The upside of my posting this photo, is that you can pretty much bet on my blogging again soon and often (if only to get this post off the front page!)

Here we go. It’s a new thing for me, for us really, renovation. We’ve spent time working in our yard, having a new roof put on, getting the old house a pretty new frock. But actually gutting and completely overhauling a space—never done it. And I will confess, it frightens the bejeezus out of me. (that’s my new faux swear word for the week!)

We’re still waiting on the actual amount we can spend, but everything is slotted to be removed and replaced except the bathtub. That will probably go as well, when they rip up the floors—because I’m guessing they’ll find water damage there as well.  Dare I dream of taking a REAL bath sometime late August? Would that be jinxing it?

I’m not sure why home improvement makes me superstitious and edgy. It’s probably all the HGTV I watch. In fact, I’m putting a moritorium on that channel until we’re finished with this remodel, because my nerves are already frayed with just the THOUGHT of a remodel.

Truth is, though, this is so needed. I’m fed up with scrubbing a dingy floor that is impervious to any amount of elbow grease. You just can’t clean up water stains. So, I’m keeping this image — of me using just a basic mop and simple cleaner, blissfully mopping a newly laid floor (as opposed to me down on my  hands and knees praying to Martha Stewart to PLEASE get this floor clean).  In my fantasy I’m wearing high heels and a flouncy A-line dress sporting a 50’s updo — in front me as we head into this new frontier.

Follow Our Progress:

I’m adding a page—much like the studio redo of last year—so you can see all our progress in one place.

Day Fourteen: Happy 4th of July

Day Fourteen: Happy 4th of July.


I’m afraid I didn’t even bother with my camera—which just means I was having too good of time hanging out with IZ’s lovely family.  This holiday is usually the least photographed in our world; I seem to have a tradition of forgetting to use my camera on holidays, especially the 4th of July.

We bought a Costco pack of fireworks again this year (what possesses us?!) and once again, I forgot to grab a butane wand to light them. OY. It’s a lot of fireworks for just one kid. Each year I say, “Shouldn’t we buy a smaller pack?” and IZ, replies, “You’ll spend the same amount at the stand but you’ll get less.  Plus, there are always neighbor kids who join in!” And he was right! Our new neighbors had children visiting, which meant we had an audience. It always seems to work out that way. My brother-in-law graciously expedited the process and we kept the fireworks coming with minimal delays, IZ kept us all well fueled with Americanos with whipping cream, and the rest of us just sat  back and enjoyed the show.

It’s funny how traditions start. And how we keep them. The smallest things, like fireworks in your yard shared with neighbors, take on special meaning when you re-enact those gestures yearly. Small traditions, like cuddling under a blanket to watch the city’s firework display over the river, remembered even when your co-cuddler is really too big to be held by you any longer. Pie and champagne and laughter and family—stories told late into the night.  All traditions we keep and remember, keep and cherish, keep and pass on.

Even when we forget to pick up our camera.

What are your 4th of July traditions?

Day Twelve: Deep Clean

A delicate Forelle from Day Eleven’s Costco run.

Day Twelve: Deep Clean

I’ve been MIA with my daily photo posts to spare you my misery. I’m in the middle of a deep clean and I’ve not had the time, nor the inclination to photograph the grime. Aren’t you lucky?

I did manage, in the midst of scrubbing a bathroom from floor to ceiling (or is that ceiling to floor?) to dash off  for a grocery run yesterday. That might have been ill-timed, as deep cleaning the refrigerator is on my agenda for today. Oops. But I did grab a box of lovely Forelle pears. So pretty and sweet and lovely. But now I’m back to the grind. Joy.

So, I’m taking the weekend off to finish my deep clean. I’ll be back on Monday to share 4th of July fun. Until then, I hope you have a lovely weekend and a wonderful holiday.