As promised, here are photos of my work in progress closet. It’s probably a good thing there isn’t space for a comfy chair, or you’d never get me out of there. Writing from the closet. . . sounds like a good name for a new blog.

I have a thing for beige sweaters. I don’t know why. If you’d asked me before I took this photo what color I prefer, I would have said grey. Um, clearly that’s not the case.

IZ added this shelf for me. There had been these horrible wood things that someone slapped into the walls. They were so gross and poorly done, he pulled them out for me before I painted the space. The only thing that really bugs me, is the mismatched hangers. I’d love to replace that mishmash with flocked clothes hangers —but it’s an investment and I feel guilty about it. So, until I get over myself (or come into a windfall) I’m living with the wild look. Beats the floor!

I love this little print I picked up a thrift store for a dollar. She was cut out of some sort of magazine or newspaper in the late 1800’s and I couldn’t resist her. And I’ve had the white ware vase for ages. The lace curtain is also vintage. It doesn’t quite fit the window, but it was close enough I couldn’t resist. I really love the patterns it makes on the walls when it gets afternoon light.

All my favorite things. Vintage textiles and blue glass and handmade trinkets. I told you, I would live in here.

The calendar is so pretty. Notice? It’s a new month! A new image. I think this is New York. It doesn’t say, so that’s what I’m pretending. I’m not happy with the way I’ve hung the calendar. But, I figured it was better to get it up in a make-shift way and enjoy it! Because who knows how long until I figure out what I’d like best. The flower on top I made and the ribbon is vintage.

The color is a mix of paint (I know, I know, no more custom colors) of our bedroom paint (Morning Fog) and our bathroom paint (Bakery Box White). I’m not sure you can really discern the difference between the closet and our bedroom, but I carried the paint out into the small hallway that separates my closet from our bedroom to tie it all together. (Photos of that when I actually finish.Oy)

So, progress! Happy Friday Friends. I don’t know how to end this really, so I’ll just wish you a relaxing weekend.