Day Thirty-nine: A view from our window.

I wish I could say that it was good news. That I’m hanging in a hotel enjoying a sunset on the river, just because.  But, we’ve been displaced courtesy of the construction going on out our little house. Right now, due to insurance/bank red tape, it’s looking like we’ll be living the Hotel life for at least 4 weeks. That’s the BEST case scenario. I can’t even wrap my head around  eating out for a month, much less managing the hotel’s requirement that we never leave Sophie unattended.

Presently, we’re hanging out in a hotel room with 2 double beds. But, on Sunday we’ll be upgraded to a suite with rooms and larger beds. Our son, ever the optimist, keeps reminding us of the “bright-sides” of our current predicament. I’m thankful for a child who can see past the destruction and displacement, because after spending the day packing my kitchen and watching my house implode on itself I’m not feeling so optimistic.

So, stay tuned. I’m pretty sure there are stories coming your way.