What I’m drinking this fall.

Last Saturday, IZ and I played hooky and ran off to Portland for the day.  We ended up  at 23 Hoyt for appetizers and I ordered this amazing drink that I just had to come home and replicate.

I’m a huge fan of drinks that don’t try too hard. If you have to use  15  ingredients to make it work, I’m not going to bother. I just don’t keep that kind of alcohol on hand. What I love about this particular drink is that it’s  straight forward and it’s main ingredients are things I already have in my kitchen. It’s not too sweet and it doesn’t overpower either—it’s effortlessly refreshing. I like effortless!

I’m not a hundred percent certain this is the exact concoction,  since I couldn’t find a recipe for it on google. But IZ seems to think this is pretty close.  So, here you go. . . Enjoy!

The Woodland

2 parts Bourbon (the better you use, the better your drink. With exception to true top shelf Bourbon. That should be for sipping, not mixing into cocktails. Ahem.)

1 part honey

1 part fresh  squeezed lemon juice. I used plain lemons, but I’d love to try this with a Meyer!

Mix until honey dissolves. Old school would be to put this into a cocktail shaker with the ice and shake your  booty. But I think that waters down the bourbon.

Pour over a glass full of ice. (You should probably strain it at this point, but I don’t because I like the pulp.) Top with lemon slice.  Enjoy.