The seriously cute bibs available at Hazel May. 


I don’t know what it is, but lately I’ve been seeing the most adorable things for children. I mean, SERIOUS CUTE ALERT! And while I have no need of anything small— I can’t help hearting some of these stores. It all makes me wish Etsy was around 12 years ago when Boy Wonder still let me choose his clothes. Anyhow, I thought I’d share a few of these finds with you. Some of you are still parenting starter people and others of you have been given that fabulous title “Grandparent” already! The rest of you  might want to get an idea or two. Just sayin’. 


The Best of Etsy — 17 June 2009 — Oh Baby!

You’re going to love Devon Rose. This darling little tunic is just the beginning! 

Green Plow is a brand new store but I see big things in their future. I’m loving all the recycled sweaters. 

Is your child already a fashion diva. Likes her couture? You’re looking for Stella and Lucille! 

Go take a peek at Devilish Grin. I’m loving their baby shoes! 

Not out of diapers yet? You can still rock the fashion world.

I’ve fallen in love with the creations in Blinking Lights. These creature dolls are  delightful! 

Finally, check out 3 stage bibs of Hazel May. I mean, doesn’t that face say everything? 


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