Gorgeous and Handspun by Three Ravens


There are those of you who do your shopping early and those of you who wait until the last minute. . . this list is for all you first born over-acheivers. Yeah, you know who you are! Always ready to go a month in advance! You’ve turned the slogan “be prepared” into an art form.  It’s a gift. And in honor of your brilliance I’ve pulled together a gloat-worthy list for Mother’s Day full of gifts your mom will love.  She’ll be elated and you’ll be a rockstar! (and your siblings will take note!)


The Best of Etsy — 29 April 2009 — The Rockstar Mother’s Day List


Need a small treasure that will tell her she’s loved? These sweet earrings are perfection—Just like mom!

Your mom is a knitting maven—give her something worthy of her talent! Silk, merino, bamboo, oooh! 

She’s a whiz with soil, fertilizer, and a garden shovel. A gift any gardener would adore!! 

If you and your siblings are her WORLD, then this necklace is the perfect gift. A new spin on a classic piece! 

Oh, go head, indulge her favorite passion. . .  shopping! I won’t tell. Just be sure that if you buy this gorgeous bag you actually give it to mom. No fair keeping it for yourself! Seriously. I mean it! 

Why not pamper mom with something just as lovely as she is?  Or let her choose her own fragrance.  

Finally, a bit of whimsy. Make a personalized banner with these adorable alphabet cards. Spell out her name or tell mom you love her.


Go get your mom something as wonderful as she is—handmade and lovely. And don’t worry, all you last minute people, I have you covered too. . . LATER!


Photos used with permission. All rights reserved.