First, let me say, I really appreciate all the compassion shown in the comments on yesterday’s post. It means a great deal to me. You all responded in ways that are uniquely you. I found myself laughing and then weeping and then laughing again, gulping for air.

As I was reading comments, I realized how much symbolism is wrapped up in such a simple object. It represents half of my life. Even now, as I look down at my hands, I do not recognize them. It will take some time to absorb the difference. In the meantime, I am holding on to YOUR hope. So, I just want to say, “Thank you. Thank you for hoping for me.”


When I wasn’t hunting for treasure this weekend, I was sneezing! It’s a labor of love to work with Lavender, I’m so allergic to it. But sneezed I did, and sewed I did, and it’s all for a good cause. Achoo! I’ve been sitting on this little bit of information for months, months I tell you. But now I can spill the news. Here’s what’s up.

Thrifty Goodness turns ONE this month. It’s been an amazing year. I’m still learning how to do this “best”–but the tangible that I can clearly see as a gain, has been all the amazing connections I’ve made in the process. I’ve “virtually” met some really terrific people. Creative and compassionate and full of joy. It’s these relationships that I cherish most.

I’m keenly aware that not everyone can make such claims. Some of us know abuse first hand. We find ourselves in situations beyond our control and beyond our dreams and we need help. Which is why, I’m so excited to celebrate Thrifty Goodness’ Anniversary by holding a fund-raiser for the Women’s Resource Center here in Astoria. This organization makes a real difference in the lives of so many women and children. While I know Thrifty Goodness is a very small venture, it seems to me the best way to celebrate all the great connections I’ve made is by helping others make healthy connections too!


So! For 15 days in April, beginning April 15 (see the trend) spend $15 at Thrifty Goodness and as a reader of Evidently, you will be getting a set (3) of these amazing Lavender sachets. In return, 20% of sales during that time will go to support the Women’s Resource Center.

For those of you with esty stores, why not join the fun? I know we all run at different profit margins, so I’m not going to set a limit for that—I’m leaving it to your generous hearts to do what’s best. But if you join in, I will post a link to your esty store on Thrifty Goodness as well as promote your store here on Evidently. I have an ad on Modish starting the 15th so that’s extra exposure for you! AND. AND!!! You will receive a super set (5) of these sachets designed specifically for you. So, let’s chat and do some good, ok?

Now, my mama always said I tend to take the long way around Jordan’s barn, so you should know these are not cookie-cutter sachets. Each set was individually co-ordinated and hand cut. No bulk cutting, no two sets are alike. They are unique, made from vintage muslin, linen, and feedsack cotton, as well as some Moda prints. These represent hours of work. Achoo! But it’s been such a joy to make them, knowing that each set was special and would be finding its way to someone equally special.


Here’s the catch: You have to purchase between April 15 and April 29. You have to spend $15, but that includes shipping! AND, in the message to the seller during the check-out process you need to say, “I’m an Evidently reader!”

There are only 15 sets available, so this is a first come, first served situation. BUY EARLY. I can’t guarantee selection of colors, but let me know (Pink, Yellow, Red, or Lavender) your top two choices and I will certainly do my best to send you your heart’s desire.

You still with me? I know, lots of words. Here’s the last thing… but maybe the most important. If you don’t see anything in the store that you want you can always make a donation directly! Just let me know that you did, and I’ll send you a set of sachets as well.

So. That’s it. For today anyway.