For the rest of you who aren’t anonymous: I guess this should have been the 7th bullet point on that last post; because I’ve been laughing all night. People never cease to amaze me—even the crazy ones. πŸ˜€ Blessings to you all… back to normalcy tomorrow. Feel free to run amok in the comment section.


Dear Anonymous,

You seem to be missing the point. This is my blog. You are not entitled to read it just because it’s public. You are not entitled to anything from me, really.

I suspect you’ve not been reading “Evidently” long enough to know this: so I’ll just state it clearly. I have a strict policy of not publishing anonymous comments. I don’t make a habit of writing them and I won’t publish hatred of any sort. No amount of threatening me will change my position. Of course, using bogus email addresses makes it impossible for me to explain my reasons for banning; not that you’re entitled to know.

Speaking of threatening, I am not naive. Blackmail is only useful if you have something to hold over my head. I am aware that any person with a 5th grade education can work around the ban I have in place; as you have demonstrated with your demands via commenting. The ban was never meant to be impenetrable. It was put in place for other reasons; again, reasons you are not entitled to know. I fully expect those who find their access denied to seek other measures to read this blog.

However, I would suggest you stop and take a good look at your behavior. Are you really a person who will stoop to threats and blackmail just to read a blog? THIS BLOG? Good grief, get a life. Even in all my delusion of grandeur I do not suppose this blog is important enough to resort to such antics. You might want to ask yourself why it is so imperative for you to have unfettered access to this blog? I mean, seriously; haven’t you had your fill of crafty projects and tilted photos of hand pulled mochas?



Dear Anonymous,

Your contrition is appreciated and I accept your apologies. You will find, however, that your comment has not been published. As I stated earlier, I do not publish comments with bogus email addresses. While I understand that many people use online pseudonyms, my own husband does, you still need to use a name of some form and a real email address.  Email addresses are never published but they are required  in order for your comment to be considered for publication. This is primary; content is secondary. So even if your comment is complementary, if it lacks the appropriate information it will not be published. This has been the standard on this blog for 6 years. It is non-negotiable.

As I stated previously, the ban will not be lifted. Contrition acknowledged, there has been no demonstrable reason for me to do so. However, you are free to continue to read via a proxy.