November’s light is pale and fleeting. So, when the sun unexpectedly came out today, I snatched up my camera and ran to the only room with real light to try to photograph as much Thrifty Goodness merchandise as the limited light would allow. My bedroom now looks like a Thrift Store exploded in it! But, it was the only room with decent light and I’m not exactly in a place to be arguing. There is vintage on every surface and our bed is littered with items I’ve been listing. I wonder if IZ will notice the new “look”. What? Exploding Thrift Store isn’t the new Mid-Century Modern?

But now, I’m pooped! I don’t really want to put it all away–especially since I’m probably only a third of the way through listing the items I photographed today. I worked in a frenzy. Who knows how many of the 148 photographs I took will actually be used, but there is rain in the forecast and I have no idea when I’ll get another day of even limited sun again.

In addition to running an ad in the Poppytalk Handmade online street fair, I’ve been busy uploading merchandise into the etsy version of Thrifty Goodness. After serious debate with myself—most of which I did aloud while hanging out in thrift stores, much to the amusement of the other customers I’m sure—I’ve decided to make etsy my primary store front. I get more exposure and my vintage items are selling quickly there. (My handmade items are another story, and I think the writing might be on the wall with that. Evidently, I’m a better consumer than artist!) The shopping cart is easier to use and I can load more photographs–hence all my scrambling today.

However, I’m not abandoning the other site. In January, Thrifty Goodness. com will be getting a face lift! I intend to use the blogging feature to highlight new arrivals at the etsy store. Posts like this one, will also appear there—as Evidently has taken on a more narrative flavor and I’m finding it difficult to write about thrifting without feeling like I’m writing ad copy.

It will also have a SALE! category … or as we affectionately have been referring to it, “Where good vintage goes to die.” Oh. My. I’m not sure how, just yet, but I’m working on finding a way to offer a “rummage sale”… you know, the old “fill a bag for 5 bucks” model. I haven’t figured out the details, but it’s a thought!

As well, the original site will still feature the newer finds that etsy won’t allow me to list. This was the real reason behind not going with etsy in the first place. Not everything I find is vintage! So, there will still be treasure to be had on the original TG site, but it will be limited and newer in scope—the bulk of the store is moving to where it can get more exposure.

And exposure is a good thing. Except when it’s not. Which means, I should probably clean up this mess I’ve created in our bedroom—since I don’t think I could “sleep” with Santa watching. *grin*