Market Bag Sophie.jpg

This weekend is shaping up to be absolutely perfect for the opening of the Sunday Farmer’s Market. I can barely contain my enthusiasm, because I mistakenly forgot to stock up on the BEST HONEY in Astoria before the Market closed last fall and I’ve been using second grade honey all winter. Crammed in a couple of blocks downtown, the market is not to be missed: full of home made treats like the Blue Schortcher’s bread and the aforementioned honey. Flowers and toy makers and plant sales, OH MY! I usually end up with so much stuff in my hands that it is a miracle I don’t drop my camera! Because, you know, I’m out there taking photos of everything.

But, not this year! I’m prepared this year to shop in style. No more juggling packages. No more wishing for bags with handles, as the market vendors tend to prefer plain brown paper bags. Instead, I’ve crafted a handy little shopper that is sure to solve all my woes. This wee bag is actually quite roomy and ever so stylish. No more balancing pears on my head! Who said being environmentally friendly could be so fashion forward?

In honor of the Market opening, a small collection of unique Market Shoppers are on SPECIAL for this weekend only. Now you won’t have to be balancing pears on your head, either!