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Cozy and a bit rumpled. Confession: our house is always a mess. Lately, I can’t keep up and frankly, I haven’t even been trying. Sometimes, life is just busy and you don’t get to choose what falls to the...

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It Still Holds

This lovely man and I are about to celebrate 24 years of marriage in just a short month. And I’ve been reminiscing with him on our long walks this week–it’s amazing to see how far we’ve come. Just today,...

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Surprise Date

Happy Hour at The Supper Club (the bar… so cozy!) This guy… is really sweet! I came home from a trip to Goodwill this afternoon… parcels in hand and he says, “Hey, let’s go out for happy...

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Hello Spring

Daffodowndilly by A.A. Milne She wore her yellow sun-bonnet, She wore her greenest gown; She turned to the south wind And curtsied up and down. She turned to the sunlight And shook her yellow head, And whispered to her...

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Advice For a Happy Marriage

I took this photo yesterday in Starbucks and posted it on Instagram with the caption, “for tomorrow we cleanse. . .” not realizing that the paper beneath my cup sums up my advice for a happy marriage. “Talk...

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Playing Hooky: Cannon Beach

I kidnapped IZ today for a quick trip to Cannon Beach. We usually try to head out there before the holiday for a little Christmas shopping–but with the 4th Sunday service this year, we didn’t make it. When today...

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Goodwill is My Anthropologie

The dress code was “business casual” so of course I interpreted that to mean, artsy casual… IZ, my husband who already works ridiculous hours, was invited to be on the board of a local charity. They’re...

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Confessions of a Serial Plate Spinner

Hi. I’m Wende and I spin plates. Rather poorly at times, but spin I do. There are days when it feels as if there are more plates wobbling on the ground, just about to lose all sense of motion, than plates spinning neatly...

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A Good Man

  Would it surprise you to know that I am a sucker for reality dating shows? I’m not ardent: I tend to google results after about 3 episodes and go back to watching true crime — but I’ll give most dating shows...

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Take The Money And Run

Wedding Toes   IZ and I marked 23 years of marriage on Sunday. Because it was also Father’s Day we are celebrating later this month. Though, that didn’t stop him from surprising me with flowers and a card. He’s...

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