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What makes a cherry chocolate scone taste sweeter? Giving up sugar 10 days before you eat it!   IZ and I have been off sugar for 10 days. I should clarify, we’ve given up processed/refined sugar. We still eat a wee bit of...

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Warm Hands

Day Five: I gave him a set of hand warmers and a note that said, “Take  a brisk walk with mom.” Bam!: I gave these hand warmers to the boy this morning and he said, “I have no idea what they are, but they sure...

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Happy Halloween

The Brawny Guy says, “Have an Extra Strong Halloween.” This is his last year trick-or-treating. He’s only going because one of his best buddies is a bit younger and wants to uphold their long standing...

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The Best Wedding Ever

Our niece and her new husband cutting cake. How adorable is it, that their wedding cake is actually cupcakes! Best. Wedding. Ever. I’m pretty sure that was said a thousand times on Saturday. But it really was perfect. The...

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Bake, Baby, Bake

There were three loaves… but, um, we kinda ate one right out of the oven. I’m not sure what got into me today. But I woke up with that over-acheiver mentality that sometimes possesses me in my sleep. I swear,...

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Danish Maid donuts for All Saints is a family tradition. Despite the fact some of us are still coming down from the previous night’s sugar high. One of us, usually me, braves the rain (it always seems to rain the day after...

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