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Our Annual Camping Trip

This kid took me camping this year! We had a fabulous time–hard to believe he’s almost 18! Geo picked out our site and even paid for our reservation! When did he get to be such a grown up? We had such a lovely time...

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  I have the same emotional response to Thursday as I do to Monday. I’m jolted by the reality that I am here, in this place. How did a weekend escape, a week slip by? Monday and Thursday turn in tandem, polar poles pushing...

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Lucky Find And Carly Simon

You’re getting a product shot of my newest lucky find because when I tried to get the boy to do a goofy pose with it,  he flat-out refused. Apparently, “there are limits”.  Really? Limits? Since when? You can...

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Happy Friday

Santa Barbara Court House and Los Padres in the background. Happy Friday! I hope you all have an amazing weekend. I’m leaving you with a photo of what I consider “home”. It’s been awhile since I’ve...

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