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It Speaks for Itself

So. A few years back, an email appeared in my in-box. I wearily looked at the sender and knew, “well, this won’t be good.” But I could not have imagined what was inside. To say it was the most hurtful thing...

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I’m Not Judging You. . . Much

Via Thought for the day… or question: “Why do we judge each other?” Especially women judging other women. I get not liking someone. I get not liking what they do, or how they do it.  When that...

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She is Not Who I Think She Is

via Pascale de Groof on pinterest   I’ve been sitting with this idea for awhile. It’s one of those thoughts that is both profoundly obvious and deeply challenging. On both sides of the coin, people are not who you...

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Sweet: A Prayer Practice

This month in Sunday School I’ve been teaching prayer practices that are accessible to children. This week, we prayed with our 5 senses. Praying with our sense of taste was the most popular! So, we shared this practice...

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A Prayer for 4 A.M.

Note: I posted this on Facebook this morning. I’m counting it as today’s blog post because I’m sleep depraved. ~~Wende A Prayer for 4 A.M. Creator God, It’s 4 am. I woke up to a dog doing really...

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